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Our inner world with the archetypal characters of our psyche

The people in our outer world reflect the archetypal characters within. Change our inner world and the outer world will follow suit.


It is human nature to reject those emotions that appear to cause us pain and suffering. But as has already been stated we only experience pain and suffering if we reject them.


The Principles of Healing - Part 3


The Principles of Healing
The Nature of Being
Basic Healing Techniques
The Use of Colour Symbols
Protection and The Subtle Energy fields of the Body
Self Healing
Distant Healing
Balancing the Energies of Places


*     As already stated the body has its own built in self-healing mechanisms, but these can be assisted by conscious thought, action and awareness when imbalances occur.

*     As you progress on the healing path an expansion of your whole being will take place, highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses and therefore, from time to time, creating or emphasising imbalances.  This means that you need to spend time working on yourself: perhaps the greatest challenge for any therapist or healer.  There is an ancient psychic principle "As within, so without", and vice versa (more about this below): this demonstrates our need to contact and develop a sense of balance and harmony within if we are to enable these qualities to develop in other people with whom we are in contact.

*     Energy balancing the self falls into two categories

     §         Routine maintenance or re-balancing for the whole self
     §         Dealing with specific problems

*     One of the most important ways you can maintain a balance in your energies is to spend a short time each day in relaxing the physical body and creating a link through meditation to those deeper aspects within. My CD of guided inner meditations can be very helpful here. Click here for more details.

*     There are many different forms of meditation  that can be classified as either active (Yang) systems favoured in the West or a passive (Yin) form usually developed from Eastern cultures. Yang systems work with the mind working creatively to access and balance these deeper layers whilst Yin systems, like mantra meditations, try to move beyond conscious thought. Like methods of healing we need to find the system that best suits us.

*     When dealing with physical problems enter into the same state as though you were about to give healing to another, then visualise healing energy flowing to the part of the body that needs attention. With cancer cases always imagine that the healing energy is shrinking the cancer. DO NOT JUST SEND ENERGY.The use of creative imagination can add greater potency to the healing. For example with an arthritic knee you could imagine that the joint contains fine crystals that are causing the problem. Then imagine that you are pouring oil on the crystals that dissolves them lubricating the joint. Allow the sub-conscious mind full rein to bring to the fore its appropriate images.

*     In dealing with physical conditions it must be remembered that the underlying cause can lie on an emotional, mental or spiritual level. This must also be tackled as part of the treatment or the problem will only re-occur. Once again it must be emphasised that your Higher-Consciousness knows the underlying cause. Allowing yourself time to access this part of your inner wisdom will unlock the answer to many problems.

*     Specific problems can be helped through self-healing although success is usually dependent upon the extent of the problem. For example many healers have successfully speeded up the healing process of, say, a burn, but a problem that has both a physical and emotional content such as cancer may be much hard to shift without much additional help. Such situations need to be tackled on many levels and can best be assisted by seeking the help and input of others.

*     There are a number of important indicators on where the imbalances occur within our life. The first and most important concept is the ancient psychic principle "As within, so without"  and vice versa. "Life is a mirror to who and what you are." You only have to look into your outer world to see what is flowing and what is not. The relationships you have with your parents, friends, money, partners, employers and the animals, insects & so on around you all give indications of where your imbalances lie. You are the controller of your life: what happens to you occurs because of the inner choices that you make. You need to take full responsibility for the patterns that weave through your life reflecting the innumerable relationships of our Yin and Yang aspects.

*     One of the most important qualities that you should strive to incorporate is that of acceptance. Illness is invariably the result of undue resistance to energies that need to flow through us. When you resist something a tension is built up that can eventually lead to disease. An electric fire gets hot because of the resistance in the wire. Your inner electric fire gets hot causing pain and suffering when you resist parts of yourself. Accepting those energies is 90% of the way to healing whatever the complaint is.

*     Underlying this resistance is almost invariably fear at some level. Acknowledging the fear and moving through it will release the blockages that hold one back.

*     One of the first symptoms of blocked energy is tiredness which is caused by our resistance to change. If this is ignored more serious problems can result.

*     Change does not have to be always a long drawn out and painful process, as cases of spontaneous remission and miraculous healing have shown. We all have it within us to change instantaneously if we so choose. This does not negate the help that therapists and others provide, for many need time to move through these inner transformations.

*     Everybody has imbalances and nobody on the physical plane is perfect.  Whilst perfection is an ideal to strive for it is important to realise that this can never be fully achieved.

*     One of the other important concepts to understand is the Law of Polarities or Paradox. All polarity is a relationship between two elements. As such, it is never absolute, but relative even to a particular pair of opposites. The same element can be positive in its relationship to a certain pole and negative in its relationship to another. So, basically, this lets us know that everything in the universe has its counterbalance and wholeness only comes when we can accept or see both sides of a picture.

*     We all hold within us the complete array of human experience.  The teachings of psychosynthesis show that psychological life may be thought of as a continual polarization and tension between differing tendencies, and as a continual effort, conscious or not, to establish equilibrium.  The most important psychological polarities include for example feeling-reason and extraversion-introversion.  If we move too strongly into one set of energies the opposite will eventually emerge. In Chinese terms, when we become too Yin we will flip suddenly into Yang. 

*     It is human nature to reject those emotions that appear to cause us pain and suffering. But as has already been stated we only experience pain and suffering if we reject them. To experience joy we have to understand sadness; to be loving we need to acknowledge our propensity to hate. If we can allow feelings of fear, grief, hatred, greed to flow through us in balance with feelings of confidence, joy, love, generosity then we find balance and wholeness. This does not mean that we have to indulge those destructive aspects of ourselves, but we do need to observe and accept them as part of us. If we go too much into the light without acknowledging the darkness we will eventually be drawn into it. Things we reject become  powerful energies that will sooner or later overwhelm us. By accepting them we are then free to evaluate and choose what to experience, and how to act.

*     The person that claims that they are never angry, jealous, resentful, greedy or whatever is deluding themselves for we carry all these things within us as part of our common humanity. Qualities we reject are often then carried by others around us. This is why we need to look into the mirrors of those people who are part of our lives. How do they behave towards us? This becomes very evident within families or groups where one or other person can carry some of the collective negativity of the whole family and becomes the scapegoat. For such situations to be resolved the family or group collectively must address the problem within themselves and not just deal with the individual in question.

*     When you criticise another you are actually only criticising a part of yourself.

*     The Law of Polarities implies that those aspects of yourself that you dislike or see as your failings must have their counter balance. For example, as soon as you say, "I am no good at singing" you immediately invoke the opposite, the potential opera singer, within your psyche. If you don't carry it then someone else in your circle will. Try to catch yourself when you make these  "put down" statements about yourself and affirm the opposite. "I have the potential to be a good singer".  Those qualities that you feel least good about hold the potential for your greatest development.

*     As well as acknowledging the different polarities within our psyche; it is sometimes necessary to balance and resolve our inner tensions by diminishing any extreme thoughts or behaviours  - and thereby, of course, their opposites - which are part of our personal dynamic.  For example, by learning to recognise and avoid an extreme swing towards optimism or pessimism, we can move towards sustaining a practical realism: the "happy medium".

*     The focus of your life is you, and your main reason for living is to experience and develop yourself. To do this successfully you have to follow "Your bliss", as Joseph Campbell put it, NOT someone else's idea of what you should be doing.

*     To follow 'your bliss' it is necessary to act from your own centre, with a sense of free choice.  This is not the same as being selfish; but life is made up of both giving and receiving. You need to do both freely and generously. 

*     Problems that stem from relationships, whether past or present can best be tackled by exercises such as "Cutting the Ties That Bind".


*     In his book "Clairvoyant Reality" Dr. Lawrence Le Shan talks about two levels of existence. One is the physical world and the other is what he calls the clairvoyant world which is subject to a number of different laws. In the clairvoyant realm time and space do not exist. It is therefore possible to send healing to someone in Australia and it will be as effective as though they were sat here in the same room. There are also cases of healing being received before the time it was actually sent. This may seem impossible to the rational mind but at a higher level of consciousness these things are experienced as real.

*     It is possible to send absent or distant healing to a client, for example, by carrying out the same procedures as though you were giving healing to someone present. It is generally better to imagine that you are bringing the person to you rather than imagine that you are going out to them.  It is also possible to adapt the basic healing process to a particular form of therapy such as, for example, projecting the quality of energy of a particular homeopathic remedy.

*     Absent healing can be carried out individually or in groups where only the names of the people are read out. This can also be very effective. If working within a group try and spend time harmonising the energy between you and the other individuals within the group. The greater the harmony the greater the effectiveness of the healing.

8.     CHAKRAS - Keys to Healing

*     The Chakras act as linking points between the spirit or soul and the physical body.

*     There is a stepping down of energy frequency between the spirit and the body and, rather like light waves being broken up by a prism, different bands on that frequency maybe envisaged creatively as different colours. These bands have long been recognised by aspirants in the past.  In Hindu and Sanskrit belief they were classified in a way that perceived a focal point of energy on front of the body that corresponded to these bands. These focal points were called "chakras". The word literally means spinning wheel.

*     Traditionally these focal points of energy were located on specific parts of the body. In Hindu tradition each chakra had a colour (not the colours we generally use today), a geometric shape and was associated with one or other of the Hindu god. They also through association reflect specific spiritual principles. For example the spiritual principle of love is associated with the heart chakra whilst the spiritual principle of creativity with the sexual chakra.

*     The concept of "chakras" was unknown in the west until it was introduced here by the Theosophists at the beginning of this century. They added a number of their own perceptions to this Hindu tradition, the most significant being the colour association with the spectrum and the link with the endocrine system.

*    Hindu tradition acknowledged 7 chakras for similar reasons that Newton chose to divide up the light spectrum into 7 colours.  Seven is sacred number in many traditions and its echoes are still found in the number of days in a week which were linked to the seven known planets of medieval astronomy. We still name the days after the Saxon and Roman gods.  Yet light waves are part of the electro-magnetic band of energy that, like a piece of string, can be divided up into any number of segments. Newton chose 7 because he followed an esoteric tradition but equally we could divide the colour spectrum into 8, 10, 12 or whatever numbers of colours we choose.

*     Similarly other schools of thought have chosen to sub-divide the step down in energy between the spirit and the body into more sections and you will find some people suggesting that there are 8, 10, 12, 144  or more chakras. This is perfectly valid if it helps the individuals in question understand the nature of our being. We could of course go the other way and say that there is only one chakra that is the sum total of who and what you are at every level.

*     The 7 principle chakras plus 1 additional chakra at the feet are as follows:

Place in the body Sanskrit name Association Endocrine gland
Crown of head Sahasrara Connection to other levels of consciousness Pituitary
Brow Ajna Intuition and Inspiration Pineal
Throat Visuddhu Thought and communication Thyroid
Heart Anahata Love and protection Thymus
Solar Plexus Manipura Feelings and emotional response Adrenals
Sacral area Svadisthana Receptivity and balance Pancreas
Base (of spine) Muladhara Creativity and drive Gonads
Root (soles of the feet)  ---------- Karma, balance and grounding Adipose

*     Whilst there is a focus of energy at the centres mentioned above, chakric energy is actually diffused throughout the whole of the being, moreover each chakra contains the seeds of all the others. For example it would be most appropriate to express love through any and all chakras.

*     What is generally sensed when these chakric centres are stimulated is the energy on our etheric bodies. Coming from another point of view the etheric body itself can be seen as one chakra, with the astral as another and so on.

*     In giving healing to the chakras it is most important that one does so from the point of view of balancing the whole system not just giving healing to the individual parts. In some cases the particular balance of a person's energy could mean, for example, that the focus of the heart chakra energy is not strongly emphasised in the heart area. To direct a lot of power in stimulating that point could actually cause imbalance to the system.

*     Try to see the chakric system as a symbol for the relationship of the energies between the spirit and the physical body rather than as an actual reality.


*     This is an extension of distant healing, and can involve healing places and houses that contain disturbed energy, as well as planetary healing.  The principles are the same as for offering balancing to a person: sensing which quality is most appropriate and projecting that energy, ensuring that you are protected as necessary, and drawing on external sources of energy for the best and the safest results. Setting the right atmosphere in a consulting room in this way is a valuable asset to the therapeutic process.

*     If you wish to deal with specific, more problematic situations it is generally better to work in groups as sometimes the disturbed energy in a place can be very powerful. However every situation no matter how unbalanced will respond to a strong thought of love. Love is the greatest protector and sending out thoughts of healing to the planet in this way will greatly assist the forces of light regain a balance on the planet. Every situation can turn on the smallest shifts of energy. So every thought helps, no matter how small or insignificant you see your contribution to be. When two titanic forces of equal strength are locked in struggle the alighting of a butterfly can tip the scales one way or another.

*     If you work within a group, your task first and foremost must be towards creating a harmony between you. Again to achieve this you must be open to allowing disharmony to manifest. Everybody within a group has a valuable contribution to make. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it is still important. This does not mean that in a group dynamic, that the group has to follow each perception, but if it is going to be successful, it does have to acknowledge them.

*     Groups are made up of individuals. Honouring the individuality within the collective is the challenge of every group. The greater the harmony the greater will be your effectiveness.

Part 1: The Principles of Healing
The Nature of Being
Part 2: Basic Healing Techniques
The Use of Colour Symbols
Protection and The Subtle Energy fields of the Body

Adapted from the book:
The Healer Within

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