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Books by David Furlong
David is the author of six books -

Illuminating the Shadow - Book


Illuminating the Shadow:
Transmuting the Dark Side of the Psyche

Atlanta Books 2016
Price special signed book offer £16:50 incl p&p UK only (For overseas purchases please contact David Furlong).

Illuminating the Shadow explores dynamic new ways of understanding the world we inhabit both individually as well as collectively. Our ‘shadow’, a term first coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, contains all the unconscious aspects of our psyches. It holds the potential of all that we might become as well as the hidden patterns that are, so often, the main drivers of our life, by either limiting our self-expression, or propelling us along paths that we would not willingly tread. Because these patterns sit below the level of the conscious mind, we are not normally aware of their subtle yet profound influence upon us. This book will show you how to realise your full potential by bringing these self-limiting shadow elements into the light of consciousness, thereby allowing you to take control of your life and to heal the traumas they hold. Through this process, you will liberate yourself in a most profound way.

Divided into three sections, complete with many exercises and activities, the book first looks at the shadow within literature, films, myths and fairy tales. The second section considers the concept of a ‘Cosmic Shadow’, before exploring the ‘personal shadow’ and then its manifestation within ‘the collective’, with its insights into extremism. The final section provides many different techniques for exploring and balancing our own hidden shadow nature.

Illuminating the Shadow, in challenging orthodoxy, whether scientific or religious, presents new insights into the fundamental patterns that imbue all aspects of life, such as the evolution of consciousness, the balance of opposites and the relationship between the material and spiritual dimension. As such it will appeal to those with an interest in new ways of thinking.

Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers - Book

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Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers
Atlanta Books 2008
Price £12.99
Can be purchased from Lulu Books

Alternatively purchase from Amazon.
Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers buy the paperback from Amazon.

Comprehensive and authoritive Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers uncovers the natural gifts we all possess yet often leave unused and undeveloped. Shedding the mystique that surrounds this field and supported by scientific evidence, this book shows you how to:

  • Unlock your creative, intuitive and perceptive skills, using simple exercises and techniques
  • Achieve effective decision-making
  • Develop your healing gifts to aid self-healing and the recovery of others
  • Explore the world's most widely used divinatory techniques including dowsing, palmistry, numerology, runes, tarot, I Ching and astrological maps.
  • Find purpose and direction in life by understanding the patterns that weave through it.

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Working With Earth Energies - book

Working with Earth Energies
Piatkus 2003
Price £12:99 (Now in E-Book format)
Working with Earth Energies buy the paper back from Amazon

Do you want to feel more in harmony with nature? Or that you'd like to contribute more to the well-being of the planet? This fascinating guide shows you how to understand and connect with the world around you, discovering and awakening your own intuitive powers and healing gifts.

With easy-to-follow exercises and instructions, in this book you will learn how to:

  • work with the power of sacred sites
  • communicate with the spirits of nature
  • balance the energy of your home and environment
  • clear negative energy after a traumatic event
  • set up your own Earth healing group

Working with Earth Energies teaches us how we can each establish a harmonious relationship with the Earth, a process that is vital to our health and well-being.

Many of the exercises in this book can be found on a CD Healing Earth Meditation

The Keys to the Temple - Book

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The Keys to the Temple
Piatkus 1997
Buy the hardback from Amazon
Buy the paperback from Amazon

This book presents startling new evidence about the history of mankind. After years of research David Furlong has discovered extraordinary patterns of alignments in the British landscape which links ancient sites and - incredibly - give a blue print of the same geometric patterning found in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Detailed calculations prove beyond doubt that a highly sophisticated astronomical, mathematical and surveying knowledge was evident and working in Britain 3000 years before Christ. These events correspond exactly with the start of dynastic Egypt and beginning of the Mayan Calendar.

Who were the masterbuilders of these highly complex temples in the landscape? Where did they come from and why did they impose their network of ley lines over the land? What message did they hope to conceal in these intricate patterns? This book provides the answers.

The Healer Within - Book The Healer Within
Piatkus 1995
The Healer Within buy the paperback from Amazon

Everyone has within them the potential to heal. In The Healer Within international healer David Furlong shows you how to unlock the energies of your mind, body and spirit and focus them in a beneficial way. He enables you to explore this fascinating world of healing safely and wisely, and provides a variety of techniques and exercises which you can use to help yourself and other find better healing, healing and happiness.

This comprehensive guide to the background and practice of healing shows you how to:

  • Develop your healing skills in a safe way
  • Awaken your intuitive and healing gifts
  • Find limitless energy and vitality
  • Protect yourself from the disturbed energy of others
  • Use meditation and self-healing techniques
  • Develop your psychic sense
  • Work with karmic healing
  • Heal ancestral patterns
  • Balance the energy of places
Healing Your Family Patterns - Book

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Healing Your Ancestral Patterns
Atlanta Books 2014
Price £14.99
Can be purchased from Lulu Books

Or alternatively can be purchased from Amazon.

Healing Your Ancestral Patterns buy the paperback from Amazon

Healing imbalances in our family patterns is crucial to our health and wellbeing. In this book, international healer David Furlong explains the relevance of our ancestors to the healing process. He shows how the character and experiences of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents shape our lives in all sorts of subtle ways and stresses the importance of healing the patterns from past generations which continue to affect us today. By learning to connect with these energies from the past we can free up and balance their impact on our lives and on future generations.

In Healing Your Ancestral Patterns you will discover:
  • the importance of the ancestors in the healing process
  • the most recent scientific findings in the sudy of genetics which show that a far greater range of psychological traits are passed down through the generations than was previously acknowledged
  • how to set up a family tree, research your family history and draw up a genogram
  • a variety of exercises and healing techniques to clear and heal family patterns
  • rituals of forgiveness and letting go
  • case histories showing ho this type of healing can help with troubled relationships, phobias, psychological and emotional conditions and, in some cases, physical ailments

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