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 Psychic Development

Science tells us the energy and matter are interchangeable (e=mc2). The whole of the cosmos is held together by energy, but in order to understand more fully the psychic function we need to consider levels of energy beyond the physical realm. Your physical body has its levels of energy frequency, but so also does your emotional self, mind and spiritual self. There are ways that these levels of energy exchange information between themselves but whilst the physical bands of energy are held in time and space, the spiritual realms are unfettered by the space/time continuum. In his book "Clairvoyant Reality" Dr Lawrence LeShan called this level the Clairvoyant realm. He postulated that from this realm the higher consciousness aspect of yourself can connect across time and space as though they were no barrier. By simply thinking of someone you create a link between you that can allow energy to flow. The stronger the thought the greater the likelihood of this communication being received by the conscious mind. This is why people will often pick up in advance the telephone call that is about to be made.

Broadcasting and Receiving Energy
The first concept therefore to put across is the idea that you are both a broadcasting and receiving station for energy across a whole frequency band that includes the thoughts and emotions of others. The researches of Professor Rhine into telepathy showed that some people were better senders and some better receivers of this energy. The reasons for this will be explained later in this book, but needless to say that some individuals easily pick up the energies, thoughts or feelings of those around them. This is a natural expression of the psychic function. Others are better broadcasters of this energy, which can be used for healing or simply inspiring and enthusing others. Churchill, in the last war, was an adept at directing this form of energy through his words, which motivated and inspired the British people. The power that he exerted came from the potency of his conviction. Those same words spoken by another, who did not truly believe in the message being delivered, would have had nothing like the same inspirational quality. It was the power of Churchill’s mind and the way that he was able to infect others with his beliefs that saved Britain.

If you think about incidents within your own life, in the light of this idea, you will often remember those moments when you have been influenced or have influenced other individuals in this way. This can often happen at quite a subtle level. There are often occasions when people go into a room after an argument and are immediately aware of a tension in the energy. This is often put down to non-verbal clues that individuals are displaying, but at another level there is always an energy residue that can affect one. Such energies are often more discernable within buildings. Think of those places which you have recently visited that felt very uplifting and beneficial and those where you were disturbed. It is this intangible energy that leaves it mark on a place waiting for others to be affected by it.

The way that psychic energy is transmitted between individuals and across spectrums is through resonance. At a simple level if two tuning forks, both pitched to the same note are held near each other and one is sounded, then the other will start to vibrate also. The energy is being transmitted between them which is a principle operates at every level. Professor Fred Allan Wolf in a recent article stated,

  “The fundamental proposition is that everything is vibrating, everything is vibration. If you can vibrate with it , or attune to whatever is vibrating, then resonance is created; then you have a way of transferring energy back and forth.”

By thinking a particular thought a resonance is set up in your mind, which is broadcast both to your body and out beyond you to whoever is listening on your frequency. Similarly you will also pick information that is operating on your frequency levels.

Psychic- Awareness
There are a number of factors which determine how much you experience the receptive psychic dimension of your being. Your normal thinking processes will block much incoming data, unless you have deliberately programmed yourself to be sensitive to it. The day to day events of a normal life take up most of our attention. It is only when something becomes extreme or we are in a very quiet receptive mood that this subtle level breaks through. There are many people today using meditation as a means of accessing into their inner self and providing moments of tranquillity in their life. These disciplines will all help this other dimensional connection

Some people are naturally very sensitive and aware. When this reaches an extreme, where their receiving station is tuned to picking up minute signals, then they can become overwhelmed if they are exposed to amplified discordant sound. Such people will sometimes require help shutting down or re-balancing the inputting signals because they find them so overwhelming. A simple test is to ask yourself how easily you cope in a crowded situation like a supermarket. Do you find yourself being agitated by other people’s energy? If so you almost certainly are picking up too much of their psychic energy.

Attitudes also play an important part, which is one of the reasons why science has not been too successful with its experiments into psychic phenomena. As mentioned with Churchill his energy was able to inspire a whole nation. Similarly if a scientist firmly believes something not to be possible, the strength of that thought will impede the receptivity of the psychic carrying out the experiment. This problem is now well recognised in scientific circles and is referred to as the experimenter effect. To avoid this type of situation most experiments nowadays try to use a double-blind test procedure to ensure a less biased response is received. Therefore if you firmly believe that such abilities are impossible you will immediately block their effect within you. Conversely the more that you can accept their possibility, the more that it will become a reality in your lives.

Resonance Across Octaves
There is an additional idea that can be added to the concept of resonance. In music theory when two notes are pitched to a similar frequency then energy can be exchanged between them. Yet that energy will also be transmitted across octaves. In other words if you played any note on a piano, let us say that it was middle ‘C’, then every other ‘C’ note would start to vibrate. This idea is important because esoteric schools and belief systems suggest that there are many levels of energy or vibration beyond the physical. Within us we could say that one level relates to our physical bodies, one level involves the emotions, another the mind and yet another the spirit, soul or life essence. In this theory if you think a thought a resonance is set up within that transmits its messages to both the emotions and the body. This provides an explanation for the psychosomatic causes of illness. Similarly substances like alcohol, taken into the body, will affect us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. There is a continual two way communication taking place within us all the time.

If you wish to test out this idea for yourself think of the last time that you felt any fear or strong emotion and decide where you experienced it within your body. Was it in the pit of your stomach, in your chest area, in your throat or perhaps in your head? Now ask your friends or acquaintances the same question and you will see that they would have experienced the physical sensation of different emotions in different parts of their bodies.

Energy Depletion
We require energy for all activities and there are many ways that we process this energy. On a psychic level energy is normally recharged at night and expended during the day. This is one of the non-physical reasons why sleep is necessary. Energy discharges are normally accelerated when we come into contact with other people, in a similar way that the battery of a radio runs down when it is being used. Therefore those individuals who come in contact with large numbers of demanding people will most likely feel this draining effect most acutely. In this context teachers probably head the list and it is no wonder that they feel totally exhausted by the end of a week’s teaching.

The draining effect of this depletion can sometimes be very marked. It is most likely that you would have had the experience at some stage of your life of sitting with someone, perhaps and elderly relative, and quite suddenly feeling totally exhausted. This is sometimes put down to a drop in sugar levels within the body, but the psychic explanation is the discharge of energy that takes place between you. Energy always seeks equilibrium. Imagine two reservoirs of water coming close together one which is full and the other nearly empty. As soon as a connection between the two the water will drain, assuming that they are on the same level, from the full tank into the empty one, until both are half full. Exactly the same process occurs when you connect with others who are very depleted of energy. Some individuals find it difficult to re-charge themselves during sleep will act as leeches to the energies of others in quite an unconscious way.

Details on how you can avoid these problems will be given in the article
on healing.

The Wisdom of the Self
Some individuals either through training or natural ability have a skill in being able to access into information from the quantum realm. As has already been stated energy or information is transferred through resonance. When you wish to get information through Internet (super information highway) you need to give your computer the correct instructional codes, which is then sent, as a series of vibrational pulses, via the telephone line to the correct terminal. In the same way, how you programme your mind will determine what you get back from the quantum realm.

Most people access this dimension unconsciously. There are a few who have latched on to its potential and are starting to explore its dimensions through different meditation techniques. Those in the past who have done so with any clarity, like perhaps Leonardo di Vinci, would have been regarded as geniuses. By consciously knowing what codes to transmit you can open up to a vast range of information that can help in all aspects of your life. One of the most important aspects of religious belief is giving adherents access to some of these codes. By offering up prayers to a particular deity information can be exchanged and help given. For many this still remains one of the most important ways of connecting into these other realms of reality. However, whilst a moral perception is important when broadcasting energy to others, it is not necessary to be religious in the accepted sense to access into this quantum informational realm. Your inner self can act as a beacon, calling to you help for whatever problem confronts you. As in all walks of life there are pitfalls to be avoided, which will be covered in these pages. Many people are daunted when they first start to use computers.

Similarly there are those who are frightened by the thought of accessing into realms of information which are not found through the written or spoken word. With a bit of perseverance and courage you will find that it is no more difficult than using the computer as tool to gain knowledge on whatever you seek. There are many levels of consciousness available to help you on your journey through life. With some of the present levels of uncertainty in work, finance and health giving yourself the opportunity to open up through your inner vision to this quantum realm will give you an edge in all your decision making. It will not necessarily stop you making all mistakes, but it will most certainly greatly reduce them. For remember the quantum realm can access the potential futures that are open to you. The effect on your life if you make decision a) as opposed to decision b). How often have you made a decision and wished that you could have seen the outcome before you acted?

The Levels of Consciousness
Inscribed over the doorway to the temple of Apollo in Delphi Greece, is the statement “Man know thyself.” The quest for understanding who and what we are, often begins when we stand in front of a mirror and ask “Who am I”. This was certainly the case for me. We exist on a physical level experiencing, emotions and thoughts, but what is the “I” that experiences and is there any real purpose behind our existence?

One of the most fascinating facets of human experience to come to the fore in recent years is the research into what has been called a “near death experience” or NDE. These cases generally occur when a person is at the edge of clinical death. In the first stage the consciousness of the person is felt to leave the body and view what is taking place from another perspective. In the video “Visions of Hope” researcher Dr Elizabeth Kublar Ross, stated that to check this evidence for this perception she sought out blind people who had also had a NDE. She then asked them to describe what they had “seen” which she then attempted to verify. This she was able to do, to her own satisfaction and to confirm that these experiences could only be explained in terms of the person’s consciousness being able to separate from their body. These experiences could not have been hallucinations.

In the second stage of the NDE the person will sense that they are travelling along a tunnel towards a light. When they emerge they sometimes meet individuals or relatives that have died and will often recount an indescribable feeling of peace and well-being. They are then told that now is not their time to pass over and they find themselves being drawn back into their bodies.

The most significant aspect of this experience is the complete freeing of any fear of death and the almost universal anticipation for the moment when they cross over into the after-life. There is often also a significant change in the outlook and perspective of life, with material accomplishments becoming less significant than human relationships. The near death experience provides powerful evidence that part of your consciousness survives the death of the physical body and continues to exist in another realm of consciousness. We can speculate on what that might be like, but the important point to believe at this stage that part of your consciousness can detach itself from the body and has access to other realms of reality.

The Polarity of the Self
In the light of this idea we can say that there are two distinct ends to the spectrum of your being. The first is the physical body, of which we are all familiar; the second is the inner consciousness, soul or spiritual self depending on which term you care to choose. Every other aspect of yourself, your mind, subconscious, emotions etc., falls between these two poles. Many schools of thought suggest that there is a stepping down in energy between these distinct layers of the self which we can liken to the different octaves on the piano, mentioned previously. The finest energy layer of your being is your spiritual self and the densest is your physical body. Your emotional energies are closer in frequency to your physical body, whilst your thoughts and mind are more connected to your soul.

When energy is exchanged between people it will always reflect the level that it has been generated from. Therefore and emotional discharge from another person will hit us first at an emotional level before being reflected across the other octaves to our thoughts and bodies. Science also tells us that energy will flow from the stronger to the weaker pole. A powerful belief or conviction that someone holds will often sway the minds of a listener, even against their better judgement. Sales techniques use methods linked to this idea although in many cases this mental manipulation is carried out without fully realising what is happening at an energetic level.

Sexual Energy
Another area where we experience subtle-energy exchange is through sexual encounters. There are some individuals who exude sexual energy to such a high degree that you just have to be in their company to be “turned on”. This has nothing to do with good looks, but is linked to the energies stored in the sexual centres. Specific sexual practices have been used by many people and cultures to bring forward or create different states of awareness or consciousness. It is a very powerful energy which can be channelled and used very creatively, in many different areas of your life, if you know how to focus this force. It is necessary to appreciate that this statement does not imply that for this energy to flow we need many sexual encounters. When this energy is allowed to flow properly as well as being available for procreation its energy can be transmuted into other outlets of creativity. There are valid energetic reasons why many monastic institutions practice celibacy, which has nothing to do with moral niceties. However this also does not mean you have to practice celibacy in order to become a spiritual person. It is how you use this energy that is important.

When two energies meet a pulse is set up that will immediately bring them into alignment. This process is called “entrainment”. It was first observed by a Dutch Scientist called Christian Huyens in 1665 when he observed the pendulums of two wall clocks swinging in precise time together. When he separated the clocks the pendulums moved out of phase, but returned again to synchronicity as soon as they were brought together. This is a scientific principle, which occurs whenever two or more oscillators are pulsating at nearly he same rate. They will tend to lock together to beat at exactly the same time. It has been noted that women living together will start menstruate at the same time. In this case an energy frequency has been set up creating a pulse that leads to synchronisation of their periods.

This concept has important consequences for the wellbeing of our lives. Within us, health depends upon our various parts, body, emotions, mind and spirit being in harmony together. Using the piano metaphor for health to exist the piano must be “in tune” for energy to flow across the whole of the keyboard. Now when our energy connects with another oscillations are set up which will draw both those two energies into synchronisation. In other words part of us will get pulled slightly out of tune. This can have the effect of disrupting the flow of harmony within upsetting our internal equilibrium. This is why sensitive people can sometimes feel battered by the disruptive energies of others. Fortunately there is much that you can do to prevent this problem getting out of hand. This will be fully covered in the article on healing.

Yin and Yang
Polarities run through all aspects of life. In the West this information has been put to good use in computer technology which runs on electrical pulses that are either on or off. There is a tendency to see these patterns in their extreme form. Something is either right or wrong, on or off, good or bad, positive or negative and so on. In the East this extreme view was regarded as being inherently unstable. Much rather said the Chinese sages, to perceive a dynamic of flowing energy that continually wove back and forth from two polarity extremes which they called Yang and Yin. Yang is the outgoing, masculine, positive polarity, whilst Yin is the receptive, feminine, negative pole. The Yin/Yang symbol expressed this idea and contained also the notion that within extreme Yang existed Yin and vice versa.

Their philosophy espoused the idea that energy rarely reached an extreme position, but more generally flowed between these two poles. Things were rarely white or black but generally shades of grey. This concept has found its way into technology based upon what is called fuzzy logic. A “fuzzy logical” system tries to evaluate the real needs of a situation and adjusts itself accordingly. For example one “fuzzy logic“ patent for a dishwasher assesses the number of dishes and the amount of food encrusted on the plates and adjusts its wash cycles accordingly.

Psychic energy in a similar way performs a dance within us moving between the poles of Yang and Yin, so that we are both transmitting and receiving energy synchronistically, balancing and re-balancing our inner flows all the time. The notes of our inner pianos as not fixed rigidly but move in response to the signals coming through to us. To maintain balance and inner harmony there needs to be continual adjustments going on all the time. Fortunately this happens without too much conscious thought on our behalf. However as you start to become more aware of the psychic facet of your life, to become more receptive to the subtle messages that come through from these other realms, you will need also to be more aware of consciously self-balancing your energies.

Flavours of Energy
In Yin and Yang terms we could say that psychic energy has two flavours. One which is outgoing and expansive and the other that is passive and receptive. In practice energy has many more flavours than these two broad divisions. During the book we will look at how you can begin to appreciate and use different qualities of energy for specific tasks. For example the quality of energy, that you would need to start a new project or business would be very different from that required for a meditation retreat. One situation demands a dynamic, clear, direct energy, whilst the other favours something that is calming, gentle and introspective. Peoples in the past understood these arrays of energy and used symbols as keys or links into what was required for any specific situation.

Before concluding this article there are a couple of self-awareness and re-energising exercises that should be practiced. These will become the foundation for other exercises in other articles and will start the process of inner development. The first of these is a basic relaxation and body awareness exercise. You will need to find a place and time where you can be quiet and undisturbed for between five to ten minutes.

These exercises have been adapted from my book The Healer Within.

Basic-Body awareness exercise: (Approx. time 3 to 5 mins.)
Aim: To provide body awareness for general Ch'i balancing.
Adopt one of the following postures:

  • Sit in an upright chair, with a straight back, feet uncrossed and resting on the floor and hands palms down on your thighs.
  • Sit crossed legged on a cushion or seat, in a "lotus posture" if you can manage it, with palms facing up, but linking the thumb and first finger together.
  • Kneel using a meditation stool, and again link your thumb and index finger.

It is important to keep the back straight and not slump down.
Note: Different hand positions, known as Mudras, reflect different aims in meditation. Linking the thumb with the first finger symbolically connects the spiritual-self with the "Ego" consciousness.

  • Begin by closing your eyes and taking a few slightly deeper breaths, drawing the air right down into your abdomen. In doing this feel that you are relaxing yourself.
  • Then direct your attention to your toes. Try and be fully aware of
    each toe in turn. If you can imagine it, try and sense how your toes would view the rest of you. This suggests that our toes are conscious, which of course they are. Feel that all the energy around your toes is balanced and flowing in a harmonious way.
  • Next slowly move your consciousness from your toes to your feet carrying out the same process, and then on up your body, focusing on each part in turn.
  • When you reach your eyes, pause and then focus on a spot between and slightly above your eyes. This is known as the "Third Eye" centre. This is one of the major control centres of the body and can be used for balancing your energies. Imagine, if you can, that your whole consciousness is centred on this spot, and then sense that all the energies within you are balanced and harmonious. Hold this thought for a few moments, before bringing yourself back to full waking consciousness.

One addition that can be added to the above is to go back to the beginning of the exercise if at any moment your mind starts to wander into other areas. If, for example, you reach your knees and then find you start to think about someone's knee problems, take your thoughts back to your toes and start all over again. This will begin to discipline your mind, which has often been seen as a monkey, leaping from idea to idea. We need to gently tame this monkey, so that it comes under our control. It does not matter in this case that you do not reach the brow, for it is the discipline that is important. Nor is this a competition on how quickly or slowly you can carry out this exercise. Meditation takes practice and unfortunately there are no short cuts.

Connecting to Your Inner Self
The next exercise is a simple way of starting the process of connecting
to your inner wisdom or spiritual-self. Like the Body-Awareness exercise
it does not need to take a long time, but starts the process of opening
up your inner lines of communication.

Connecting to Your Inner Light Exercise: (Approx time 3-5 mins.)
Aim: The Inner Light is a reflection of your Spiritual-self. This is one
of the easiest way to connect to your inner source.

  • Sit in one of the postures mentioned previously and close your eyes.
  • Carry out the body awareness exercise mentioned above. With practice this can be shortened to a quick check to make sure that you are fully relaxed.
  • When you have spent a few moments balancing the energies of your "Third Eye" or "Brow Centre". Think of your inner Spiritual-self and try to sense, visualise, or feel this as a tiny flame of light.
  • Assess where you have located it within your body and then slowly move your consciousness into the flame, so that you become the light and it becomes you.
  • Hold that thought for a few moments before withdrawing, and then slowly bringing yourself back to full waking reality.

Write down any impressions that you gained.

You can carry out a number of supplementary exercises to the above.

  • First when you have located your light try moving into different parts of your body and see what you feel and experience. If, for example, you originally felt it was within your heart, then move it up to your head, and then enter into its light.
  • Secondly you can locate the light in your heart area, and then
    imagine that its radiance is permeating your physical body. Then sense it extending out into your energy fields, so that you are totally encompassed in its orbit. Try then to see the light getting brighter and brighter.
exercise slowly bring yourself back to full
waking consciousness.

Warning: There is sometimes a tendency to seek this light outside of oneself i.e. in some space above one's head. The challenge of being in a physical body is to ground and earth the spiritual aspect within you. If you project your consciousness out of the body there is a danger of splitting off part of your psyche. The effect of this will mean that it becomes difficult to balance your energies within the physical. This is why meditating for long periods of time is often not desirable, for the meditation can become a form of cop out from normal living. Therefore try not to project yourself into any light or spiritual space that is outside of you. Rather bring that light, your spiritual-self, fully into you, before connecting with it.

Note: If you fear fire you could use another symbol for your Spiritual-self. A golden chalice would be a good alternative.

Energy Balancing Exercise: (Approx time 3-5 mins.)
Aim: To balance the energies of your being.

  • Sit in one of the postures mentioned previously and close your eyes.
  • Carry out the body awareness exercise mentioned above. With practice this can be shortened to 1 to 2 mins.
  • Sense that you are surrounded by energy like a ball of light. You do not have to inwardly “see” this energy or light, just believe that it is there.
  •  Imagine that you have in front of you pair of scale balances and check whether they are evenly poised. If not ask inwardly of yourself what do you need to add or take away from each side to bring the scales into balance. You might sense that you need to add light or love to one side or another, or remove some unwonted energy.
  • When the scales/balance bring yourself back to full conscious reality.

Note: for some people it may take quite a time to get the scales to balance. Indeed if your energies are seriously out of balance you may have to repeat this exercise on a number of occasions before the scales start to balance up. Keep persevering if at first you do not succeed.

All balancing exercises of this nature will help maintain your health and vitality.

Routine exercises
These exercises should be carried out on regular basis. I will normally incorporate them into a simple meditation procedure that I adopt most days. As I have said it need not take a long time, five to ten minutes per day is sufficient. The beneficial effects will be well worth the effort.

Adapted from the book: Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers

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