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The Spirit Release Forum

The Forum was founded by David Furlong after the closure of the Spirit Release Foundation. The Forum aims to explore new approaches to spirit release and to support those working in the field. The Forum aims to enhance holistic health through awareness and understanding of spirit attachment and spirit release and to provide training and support in this field.

College of Healing

The College of Healing is a registered Charity who's primary aim is to broaden individuals understanding and expression of Healing.It offers accredited courses in Healing, from Foundation Level to our 2½ year Professional Diploma Course, which is recognised as one of the most in-depth trainings in healing currently available in the UK today. Established in 1983, the College of Healing has a well deserved reputation for both the quality of its courses and experience of its tutors, each of whom have a minimum of 10 years experience working as healers.

Gatekeeper Trust

Gatekeeper Trust is an educational charity whose objects include the study of landscape temples, holy places, earth structures and their layout and all beneficial forms of natural and metaphysical study. They run workshops and trips in the UK and abroad.

Channelling Online

Transcripts of channelled teachings through Tony Neate from a being known as HA. Covers a wide range of philosophical concepts including healing, meditation and the spiritual dimension to life. These teachings have been given since 1957 and the site is regularly updated with new channellings.

The Megalith Map

A map-based index to images of British megaliths prehistory on the Web. 1000s of links.

The British Society of Dowsers

The BSD was formed in 1933, is the leading organization in the UK for dowsers, and exists to encourage the study and enhance the knowledge of dowsing in all its forms amongst members and the public. Full details on its courses and information on dowsing can be found on their website.

Megalithic Mysteries

Megalithic Mysteries is a photo-guide to stone circles and other prehistoric sites with high-quality images, including many aerial photographs.

The Stone Circle Webring

The Stone Circle Webring features hundreds of web sites featuring prehistoric archaeology, stone circles and the like. Follow from site to site to learn more about these enigmatic features of our landscape.

Fountain International

Fountain International is a world-wide community healing project based on the simple concept that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be healed. By tuning-in one's thoughts to an agreed point of focus in one's own community for just a few moments of each day, it is possible to radically improve the health of the community, and ultimately, we believe, the health of the world.

Daily Grail

Daily Grail is Highly informative and useful news forum. Contains regularly updated material on a whole range of subjects, including ancient mysteries, healing, UFO's and much more.


Cymraes is the site of a colleague Lesley Jackson whose work I support. It gives information about her work with the druids and earth energies.

Tina Lee Ure

Tina Lee Ure is a spirit release therapist who together with her husband Ric has helped hundreds of people clear attachments and blockages. She is based in Kent.

For further information please write to: David Furlong
Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern Worcs WR14 2TH
or phone +44 1684-569105 or +44 777-978-9047                         
Email: David Furlong

David Furlong

David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 45 years. He is the author of five books including The Healer Within and Working With Earth Energies
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