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Egypt Tour 2024

Sacred Egypt Winter Trip
An 16 day tour where we will visit a number of local sites to celebrate the winter solstice, which will culminate with a winter solstice sunrise meditation at the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari on 21 December. The trip will also include visiting:

  • The Pyramids of Giza,
  • Temples and pyramids of Sakkara,
  • The temple of Edfu,
  • The Valley of the Kings,
  • The Karnak Temple
  • The temple of Hathor at Denderah
  • The temple of Khnum at Esna
  • The temple of Abydos and the Osirion
  • The Luxor temple
led by David Furlong and run in conjunction with Eagle Travel

Sunday 8 - Thursday 23 December 2024

Hatshepsut TempleAmenhotep

Malta Tour 2022

Mysterious Malta - Touching the Goddess
An 8 day Spring equinox trip exploring some of the significant sacred sites on the island of Malta. We will visit the main well known temple sites as well as some of the lesser visited sites. One of the highlights will be a visit to the Mnajdra temple to experience the equinox sunrise. These trips are a wonderful opportunity to get to experience the magic of Malta.
led by David Furlong

There are no trips planned for 2024

For further information please write to: David Furlong Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern Worcs WR14 2THTel: +44 (0)1684-569105 or Mobile: + 44 (0)777-978-9047         
Email: David Furlong

David has been working as a healer, therapist and teacher for more than 45 years. He is the author of six books including The Healer Within and Working With Earth Energies
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Midwinter Sunrise with the temple of Karnak Early Morning solstice sunrise at the temple of Karnak .

Tour group 2004
Egypt trip 2004
Bugibba Temple
The Malta Temple of Bugibba

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