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Pyramid of Kaffre
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Sekeds and the Geometry of the Egyptian Pyramids.

Sekeds and the Geometry of the Great Pyramid

The Geometric Design of the Great Pyramid

The Osirion and the Flower of Life

The Astronomical Alignment of Egyptian Temples.

Blog Diary 2007

Mid-Winter Solstice Celebration Holiday 2024

Hatshepsut temple

A fabulous sixteen day tour to Egypt visiting many ancient sites culminating in celebrating the mid-winter solstice at the magnificent temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

8th - 23nd December:
Click here for details.

Sacred Egypt

Winter Solstice Trip

A 16 day trip exploring some of the most significant sacred sites of Ancient Egypt in the Upper Nile Valley

led by David Furlong PhD and run in conjunction with Eagle Travel

The next trip will run from Sunday 8 - Monday 23 December 2024

Solstice sunrise at the Karnak temple

Sacred Egypt
This Egyptian trip will take us to Egypt at the time of the spring equinox, to observe the temple sites at this transitional part of the year. Recent discoveries have shown that a number of temples are aligned to the midwinter solstice sunrise (see photo above) and we will have an opportunity of experience the way in which the sun and stars might have been used in temple orientation and ritual.

We will also have the opportunity to visit a number of other principle sites of this sacred land, including the magnificent mortuary temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, allowing us to experience its rich history that first started around 3100bc with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, under King Menes.

Themes of the Trip
There are a number of themes that we will touch upon in this journey of exploration that can be expressed both inwardly and outwardly. Are we able, for example, to unite the different stands of our being – the inner and outer, the spiritual and material?

Another theme is the essential balance between the masculine and feminine principles, portrayed through different pantheons in the trinities of gods, goddesses and their offspring. This is also expressed through the links between the different temple sites.

Spiritual Polarities
For example, at Edfu, we will experience the great Horus temple and at Denderah Hathor, the goddess of joy and happiness, both these deities being married in Ancient Egyptian mythology. Similarly at Karnak the great god Amun the ‘hidden one’ is united with his beautiful divine spouse Mut. And finally there is the link between Osiris at Abydos and his consort Isis is Philae. We will visit all of these temples in our quest to understand the spiritual insights of the Ancient Egyptian people..

We might also see in these grouping of temples another trinity of body (Amun and Mut), mind (Horus and Hathor) and spirit (Osiris and Isis) all linked together by the Nile, symbolising the flow of our own inner being and the way it conveys us in our journey through life.

The fertility of the Nile flood plain and the aridity of the desert were perceived as another set of competing opposites in Ancient times: that of the eternal struggle between order, regularity and life, against that of disorder, chaos and death. It was understood that the life led here was but a preparation for a life of eternity in the stars, providing the forces of evil were kept at bay. Eventually this fear of the chaotic led to the rise in the power of the priesthood and their dominating fear based influence on all areas of Egyptian life. It was against this mental enslavement that Akhenaten rebelled, with his spiritual and artistic revolution enshrined in his monotheistic concept of the one god symbolised by the Sun. Do we have the power to break out of our own thought entrapments based upon beliefs that may no longer be appropriate for us?

hese trips are always deeply meaningful at so many different levels. They are led by David Furlong with his many years experience and exploration into many diverse esoteric traditions and beliefs that often had their roots in Ancient Egypt. The trip includes onsite meditations, attunements and insights not experienced on the standard Egyptian tour. They become unique insightful experiences not to be missed. Why not join us to discover this for yourself.

What people had said about the trips

"A fabulous and deeply meaningful trip" - JT

"One of the most mystical and magical trips I have ever experienced" - FS

"Travelling to Egypt with David was life changing on so many levels. The knowledge and experience that he brings with him awakens the true magic of these ancient sites and years later that Egyptian spirit remains within me thanks to David. If Egypt's on your "bucket" list or just a dream idea there is simply no better person to travel there with - truly -it will be one of the best presents you'll ever give yourself - I can't recommend it highly enough" - Davina MacKail, Author of the Dream Whisperer and Broadcaster

Hieroglyphic relief

These trips are a wonderful opportunity to share in the mystery of Ancient Egypt with like minded individuals under the guidance of David Furlong and his many years experience in travelling into Egypt.

Group sizes vary from between 8 to 20 people allowing for new friendships to be established. There is plenty of opportunity for sharing experiences and bathing the spiritual energies of this magnificent country.

Some interesting websites to visit with complementary information:
Articles: Abydos

Does Egypt call to you? Then why not join us for this trip?

For further information please write to:
David Furlong or Frida Maria Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern Worcs WR14 2TH
Tel: +44 (0)1684-569105 or +44 (0)777-978-9047
Email: David Furlong

David Furlong
David has been taking groups to Egypt for more than 25 years. He has extensive knowledge on Ancient Egyptian Culture and has published his researches into the solstice alignment at Queen Hatshepsut's temple.

Amenhotep Son of Habu
Amenhotep Son of Habu

Tour group 2004
Egyptian group 2004

Luxor Temple
Statue of Ramses II at Luxor Temple

Balloon ride over Luxor
An early morning ballon ride over Luxor

Statue of Osiris
One of the statues of Osiris at Hatshepsut's temple, Deir El Bahari.

Kaffre's Pyramid
The Pyramid of King Khafre on the Giza plateau

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