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Earth Mysteries

Exploring sacred sites, ancient alignments, geometric landscape patterns, pyramids, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and ancient mysteries in Britain, Malta and Egypt. This section considers and expands some of the issues raised in the book The Keys to the Temple.

The Keys to the Temple
Introduction - Discovery
Introduction 2 - Michael Line
Introduction 3 - Great Pyramid
Locating the Sites
Statistical Analysis
A Tour of the Sites
Presents the discovery of a vast twin circle pattern set out in the landscape of the Marlborough Downs, in Wiltshire,Thumbnail Great Pyramid England which includes in its design the famous World Heritage site of Avebury. The implications of this discovery for our  understanding of Britain's ancient past and the probable links to Ancient Egypt are further considered.
Sekeds and the Geometry of Egyptian Pyramids Based on information found in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus looks at the way the Ancient Egyptians determined the angles of slope of their pyramids, which was known as a seked. This article then looks at angles of slope of the different pyramids to determine which sekeds had been used.
666 - A Magic number Explores the origins of the number 666 and its relevance to the Marlborough Downs circles. The number of the 'beast' is shown to be connected to ancient numerological tradition. The link with Revelations and earlier mention in the Bible
What on Earth happened in 3100 BC? 3100 BC has proved to be a very significant date both from cataclysmic climatic change as well as significant cultural changes. This date heralds the start of dynastic Egypt, the beginning of the stone circle phase in Britain and the inception date of the present epoch of the Mayan calendar.
Sacred Geometry of Avebury Explores the geometric basis of the Avebury circle showing the relationship to specific sunrise positions. It also includes a number of photos of the Avebury circle.
Who were the Elohim? Journeys into our ancient past looking for the origins of mankind upon this planet. The latest scientific research shows that we are all descended from a very small group of common ancestors around 150,000 - 200,000 years ago.
The Cotswold Circle Evidence of another landscape circle spread out over the Cotswold are and centred on a site new Stow--on- the- Wold. This circle with the Rollright Stone circle as one of its key points is of similar size to the Marlborough Downs landscape circles.
Stone Mountain This special sacred site lies just to the east of the American city of Atlanta in the State of Georgia. It is a vast granite outcrop that links, at a spiritual level, with the Elohimic race.


Exploring the ways that healing energy can be used at an individual and collective level, including looking at the importance of healing ancestral patterns. The articles in this section are based on two books: The Healer Within and Healing Your Family Patterns.
Ancestral Healing Explores the significance of ancestral patterns and the methods required to clear up ancestral family traumas.
Healing Principles Detailed information of the principles and practice of healing. This is derived from the book The Healer Within.
Psychic Protection Information on how to protect oneself from psychic invasion. Taken from the book "Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers".
Spirit Release Article on the principles behind spirit release and the methods that can be used for helping release attached or stuck spirits.


Exploring your inner world and the patterns that make up the self including how to access and develop your intuition. The articles in this section expand some of the concepts and aspects of the book Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers.
Devas and Nature Spirits A look at the role of the devas and nature spirits on this planet and how they relate to human beings. Gives detailed information on their associations.
Mythology & The Primary Archetypes Explores how the same specific spiritual principles have manifested, usually as the gods and goddesses of the different pantheons, across the planet through differing cultures. These have been synthesised and grouped into eight categories.
Water - The Essence of Life A channelled message by HA thro David on the significance of water and how we can use it's essence in our spiritual development.
Working with Earth Energies A look at different aspects of Earth Energies including, ghosts, hauntings, spirit release, the Deva and nature kingdoms, ley-lines and so on.
Gaia Communicates A channelled message from Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, taken from David's latest book Working with Earth Energies.
Psychic Development Looks at the simple ways that we can harness our innate intuitive and psychic skills.
The Sirius Connection A channelled message about the link between Earth and the star-grouping of Sirius and its effect on humankind today.This lecture connects us with both the past and the future and emphasises the importance of dealing with paradoxes.
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