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Stone Mountain - Atlanta

Stone Mountain is the world’s largest exposed piece of granite outcrop rising to over 825 feet (250 meters) that lies to the east of Atlanta city, in the State of Georgia USA. Its origins date back at least 300 million years and today it is surrounded by a State Park of 3,200 acres. It has been associated, in more recent time with both the Creek and Cherokee Native American peoples, but was certainly considered a special site in pre-historical times.

Picture of Stone Mountain Picture of Stone Mountain

Views of Stone Mountain (click images to enlarge)

C.E. (Buddy) Cantrell
In the early seventies a book was published by Clifford Cantrell called “Holy Stone Mountain” that recounted his spiritual experiences when he connected with the divine energies of the mountain. In writing about his father his son states:

"This book was written in the early seventies by my father, Clifford Cantrell, and is based on a number of spiritual experiences he had as a young man relating to the mountain, which he believes is a spiritual repository for the 'Akashic records'. He studied the bible diligently for many years and was able through prayer and deep meditation to leave his physical body and see things on the spiritual plane, including 'Angels' and other 'Great Holy Beings'.

This had a profound influence on his view of the world, and the book is an attempt to convey some of his beliefs, developed through his experiences. Those experiences were real but his views and understanding of those experiences are filtered through his upbringing and studies. You may not agree with what he says but the book is certainly unique and unlike anything you have seen before!"

Click here for a preview link to obtain a copy of this special book. For a .pdf version of the book click here.

Clifford Cantrell himself states in his book:

I have been impressed by these Great Holy Spiritual Beings to reveal some of the spiritual aspects of Stone Mountain so that it will become known as Holy Stone Mountain in the not too distant future. I have known for many years the tremendous aspects of the mountain as being a mental or spiritual record-keeping place, and have done some investigation of the records kept there.

One might ask: What makes this such holy place? Because these Great Holy Spiritual Beings have been there and are coming to work within and around it and will increase their activity even more in the future. It has been a great record keeping place for this part of the world all along and is being prepared to become the centre from which these Great Holy Ghosts will carry out Christ’s and God’s plans to lay the foundation and establish Christ’s kingdom on earth like unto God’s kingdom in heaven.

As They proceed to attract more people and qualify them to become mediums through which They can work, the more it will automatically become a holier place… a mountain of and for Christ, a mount of God, a mountain of knowledge and information, (a Wisdom Temple) truly a Holy Stone Mountain.

Spiritual Visions
My own connection to Stone Mountain occurred in the early 1990’s. I had just visited Sedona and had just received some powerful inner revelations about an ‘etheric’ race of beings called the Elohim who had been responsible for generating the genetic mutation that had lead to the development of modern human beings. They had created a number of “crystal cites” in different parts of the planet one of which was in Sedona, which is why this area is so special.

Shortly after visiting Sedona I came to Atlanta to see an old friend. Whilst there I journeyed with my friend to visit the Etowah Indian mounds. Sitting in the warm sun on one of the mounds I was pondering my experiences in Sedona, when a very clear message came to me that I would find an important site of the Elohimic race - one of their “Crystal Cities” - just to the east of Atlanta.

I mentioned this to my friend but she was not aware of anything obvious until I looked at a map of the area and the name “Stone Mountain” leapt out from the page. From my inner journey work I would confirm that this is indeed one of the “holy sites” of the Elohim and can still be accessed today for inner knowledge and wisdom as Clifford Cantrell has stated.

View of Stone Mountain in Google Earth. (Click image to enlarge)

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David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 40 years. He is the author of five books including Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers from which this article is taken.

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Views from the side of Stone Mountain.

Holy Stone Mountain book by C.E. (Buddy) Cantrell. Click book to download pdf copy.

Book by C.E. (Buddy) Cantrelll - Holy Stone Mountain

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