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Working With Earth Energies

Based on lecture for the Spirit Release Foundation training programme; the course Working with Earth Energies and the book Working with Earth Energies

The need to be aware of the energies of the Earth and it’s spiritual realms and the part these have to play in Spirit Release.

  1.        Physical and Non-Physical Energies
  2.        The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet
  3.        Deva and Elemental Kingdoms
  4.        Nature Kingdoms – trees, plants etc
  5.        Role of Animals
  6.        Ley-Lines, Earth Chakras etc
  7.        Geopathic Stress, Underground Springs, Electro-Magnetic Pollution
  8.        Hauntings
  9.        Healing Processes

1.      Physical and Non-Physical Energies
This planet is made up of a wide range of energies that contain both physical and non-physical elements. Scientist’s are aware of the primary physical energies of the Earth which for part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. These energies can be detected by physical instruments such as a Geiger counter for radiation. Non-physical energies, such as Ley-Lines lie outside of the electro-magnetic spectrum and can only be detected by one of the intuitive diagnostic techniques such as dowsing. In some cases such as determining the course of underground springs we may be dealing with both a physical and non-physical element. For example a dowser might be tuning into the water as a physical energy or equally he or she may be in touch with the elemental beings that work with the water.

2.      The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet
All planets hold spiritual life that ranges down from the Planetary Deva or guardian spirit of the planet to the elemental forces that hold it’s structure in place. This hierarchy is held together by love and understanding. In the case of the Earth the guardian spirit is generally referred to as Gaia. This name is derived from the Greek goddess of the Earth. However it should be remembered that beings of this level are both masculine as well as feminine. It is therefore appropriate to refer to this being as Gaia/Geb. Geb being the Ancient Egyptian name for the Earth God. The energy of Mikaal or the Archangel Michael is a being helping the planet through this important time of transition.

3.     Deva and Elemental Kingdoms
Elemental Kingdoms
We now come to a group of beings that we can neither see nor feel in a direct sense although their forms of expression are all around us through the elements of earth, air, fire and water. We call these beings elementals although they are also known as Faeries and are a part of the Faerie realms. Many traditional cultures have sensed the presence of spirits in nature, indeed one major religion Shinto, from Japan, specifically worships the spirits of place, called Kami, which reside in rocks and caves. The beings that inhabit these realms are conscious like you and I, although obviously they have a very different way of connecting to the physical world that we see around us.

Unless you possess clairvoyant vision you will not readily ‘see’ the beings that lie behind these seemingly inert elements although they are very attracted to the innocence of young children and sometimes appear to them, so the child that claims to have seen a ‘fairy’ may indeed be telling the truth. With a little practice it is quite possible to sense their presence and if you are lucky to see them clairvoyantly, it is then possible to begin to communicate with these beings. Fortunately myths and traditions give us glimpses into these realms and I have been very blessed by having the working co-operation and friendship with elementals from each of these domains, which I have worked with now for more than twenty years.

Spirits of the Four Elements or Elementals
The spirits of the elements are divided into four categories, earth, air, fire and water. Let us look at each of them in turn.

  1. EARTH: Earth spirits, that is the beings, which relate to rocks, stones, minerals, precious gems, hills and mountains are traditionally called Gnomes. All aspects of the solid physical structure of the planet come under their domain. Although they can be found within rocks, they also have a freedom to move around but generally stay close to the ground.
  2. WATER: Water spirits are connected to all liquids, but their presences can be felt in a much more powerful way by streams, rivers, lakes and, of course, the sea. They are traditionally known as Undines, or Ondines although stories of mermaids and mermen are accounts of these beings.
  3. AIR: The spirits of the air are connected to all gaseous substances but like water beings are best sensed in winds and breezes. Because air moves so quickly they can be difficult to pin down. They are known as Sylphs in tradition although the perception of a ‘fairy’ with tiny wings that can fly is a close approximation to how they appear to children.
  4. FIRE: Fire spirits can be found in volcanoes in nature but also in any fire, from candle to inferno. They are known as Salamanders or Vulcanii and are the most difficult of all of the elementals to connect with, being said to only associate with philosophers and adepts of the magical arts. (See article: The Deva and Nature Kingdoms)

Deva is a Sanskrit word, from the Hindu tradition, which literally means ‘shining one’. However Christian, Judaic and Islamic cultures know these beings as angels of which the Cherubim and Seraphim are a part. It is sometimes confusing today when people run courses about connecting with your guardian angels, for in these cases we are dealing with homo-sapiens spirits and not spirits connected to the deva and elemental kingdoms. Once devahood has been gained the elemental or angelic being takes on greater and greater responsibilities looking after whole areas of land or sea and becoming responsible for groups of spirits, which are part of its retinue. There are devas which look after towns and cities as well as tracts of the countryside. At the top of this metaphoric tree is the Planetary Deva, which many people nowadays have come to call Gaia. More information will be given on this being shortly but before doing so let us look in greater depth into how we can co-operate with the deva and elemental kingdoms. (See article: The Deva and Nature Kingdoms)

4.     Nature Kingdoms
This includes all of the plant a growth kingdoms on the planet. The beings that make up these realms are very distinct from the elemental kingdoms although the two work together very closely. Some of the most powerful incarnate spiritual beings on the planet can be found in trees particularly and to a somewhat lesser extent in the flower kingdoms. These beings help balance the matrix of energy on the planet. It is possible to learn to communicate and work with the different beings within the tree and plant kingdoms. 

5.     The Role of Animals
The animal kingdoms, which in this context can be taking to include all sentient life except human beings play a diverse role on the planet fulfilling many different functions.  The primary alignment of an animal’s backbone is horizontal to the planet, which allows the animal to be more easily in touch with the energies of the Earth. We can learn to communicate telepathically with domesticated animals and in some cases these can be very helpful in healing work.

6.     Ley-lines and Earth Chakras
Ley-lines are subtle energy lines that link places of spiritual significance. They were first documented by Alfred Watkins in a book called the Old Straight Track published in 1926. Watkins observed that many ancient sites were set out in alignments, which he suggested were ritual trackways linking the high points in the landscape. Since Watkins time ley-lines have become associated with subtle energy lines, which most probably reflect telepathic communication lines across the planet. These may or may not be akin to the acupuncture meridians of the human body. (See: London's Ley Patterns)

Earth Chakras are places within the landscape that reflect a particular chakric influence. These patterns can be observed in small localities covering a few miles to large scale alignments like the energy line of Ireland.

7.     Geopathic Stress, Underground Streams and Electro-Magnetic Pollution
This covers abroad range of potential problems that can affect the physical body. Geopathic stress includes any earth energy disturbance of a negative quality. The causes of this might lie within the elemental kingdoms but could equally be caused by some human activity in the past like a ritual killing.

Underground streams generate forms of dynamic energy that certainly influences the human body. Dowsers locating these streams under beds will advise clients to move the sleeping positions as it is suggested that these energies can give rise to serious health problems.

Electro-magnetic pollution is very prevalent at present and is a growing problem with the proliferation of mobile phones, TV and computer circuits and such like. There are no easy shielding devices for such problems but if the energy fields of the body are regularly balanced then much can be done to alleviate this problem.

8.     Hauntings or Earthbound Spirits
Earthbound Spirits
So why might a spirit get stuck? There are many factors today that influence this transition process. In past times religious concepts powerfully shape the views of people and whatever their failings a belief in a life after death was an important ingredient in practically all faiths. It is not generally appreciated how important our beliefs are. Once you have left the physical body you exist in a realm of thought you create, in effect, your own reality. If you emphatically believe in the finality of death with the extinguishing of consciousness then this is what you will get. I have had to help a number of souls who were, in effect, fast asleep or in an unconscious state simply because of this belief. They had died in their beds, perhaps even whilst asleep and their spirits were lying comatose where they had expired. The first step in helping them move on was to wake them up by sending a strong thought to their spirit to wake up. The surprise in some of these spirits is enormous, because they cannot believe that they are still very much alive. I then guide them gently into the tunnel of light so that they can make their transition.

This does not mean to say that every person who dies without a belief in an after-life gets stuck. It all depends upon the evolution of your spirit and the number of previous lives that you have had. An evolved spirit will always be able to override the patterns of the conscious mind at the moment of death. Another factor is that most people in the past would be very aware when death was approaching, either through illness or when facing foes in physical battle. You saw your enemy and fought with him knowing that you might die at any moment. The religious rites carried out before battle helped prepare individuals for this transition.

In the modern world death can come very swiftly in such events as road accidents, where no preparation has been made. Such an event can cause all sorts of confusion with a spirit and they can wander lost for quite a period of time. Major accidents, like plane crashes will often spark sympathetic feelings around the world and there are groups in most countries today who will send healing thoughts to the souls of those caught up in these catastrophic scenarios. This does indeed play an important role in helping those involved in these tragedies make their transition. It is the more local, less media worthy, car crashes and such like which can sometimes leave a spirit stuck.

Another scenario that I have come across with some frequency stems from a deep fear of hell. Introducing such concepts of heaven and hell might act as a strong incentive for keeping people to a virtuous path but it can also act detrimentally in the process of what they go through after death. I have had to deal with many cases of spirits, particularly those that come from a pre-nineteenth century period, terrified of leaving a house because they believed they were going to go to hell for some past misdeed. In these cases bringing forward a powerful thought of forgiveness was very important before finally releasing them. But is there such a state a hell?

Heaven and Hell
The realms beyond our physical world are inhabited by spirits, which exist in a thought state. In other words they create their reality through their thoughts although obviously are also affected by the thought consciousness of all other beings that are around them. If a spirit wishes to experience hell, and many do, then that is what they create for themselves and they will remain in that state for as long as they choose. It might seem bizarre that a spirit should wish to inflict such suffering upon itself, but as I have already stated we are our own worst judges.

Think for a moment what those spirits who carried out the atrocities of the twin towers WTC building in New York will have to face when they realise what they have done. The only event, which occurs with certainty after transition, is when the spirit has to face all of what they experienced in their lives. It is rather like visiting the movies and seeing a replay of your life story, but done in a way that you also are very conscious of the thoughts and feelings of those other players on the scene. You will relive again all those times when you acted in kindness and the moments when you allowed feelings of anger or hatred to dominate your actions. You will see the effect of those actions on others and have a real sense of how they felt. This can be a very painful experience for a spirit to endure for they see themselves for what they are. Remember that God does not judge, nor do those spirits taking you through this experience judge you. The only person that judges you is yourself and we are always our harshest critics. You will also be aware again of the karma or life plan you intended to play out and where you missed the plot. This can also be an uncomfortable experience. Through all of this there is the loving support of wise beings who want you to progress in a healthy balanced way. They will advise you in what you might do but without forcing you into any action. After a period of reflection you may well then decide to incarnate again to put right what you have set in motion in your previous life. Spirits will often incarnate together over many lives to work through the steps necessary to find harmony and balance. In some cases they will move through a series of lives being either a victim or a persecutor until they have moved to a point of integration where they can fully accept and balance these two facets of their being within them.

Murders and Suicides
Murders and suicides are other scenarios, which can result in souls being trapped. Those that have had their lives unexpected cut short by another’s actions often get stuck with feelings of anger, revenge and sometimes confusion. They can become fixed into reliving the final scenes over and over again. Such souls need a lot of love and support to help them let go and make their transition. The same can be said of suicides although from a slightly different standpoint. Most people who choose to take their own lives do so because physical existence has become unbearable for them. We choose our reality and there is a cosmic principle that we are never confronted by more than we can endure. So any suicide can, at one level, be seen as a cop out. However some souls recognise that they have drifted so far from their intended karmic path that it makes no sense to remain in incarnation. Taking one’s life therefore is seen as a quite legitimate option.

As you can see each situation needs to be assessed independently for there can be many different reasons why a soul chooses to take their own life. It is those spirits who commit suicide thinking they will escape reality that often get stuck. Once free of the body such individuals can often recognise that they have mistakenly curtailed their physical existence but because of what happened are then unable to make a transition on their own. They will generally seek out friends they have known whilst alive and ‘latch’ on to them. If the friends are aware of this happening and know what to do, they can get help to allow these spirits to move on.

Capital Punishment
No man has the right to take another’s life no matter how hideous the crime and this applies equally to a State or Country. What is permitted is the defence of one’s own life or the freedoms we enjoy. Laws should allow complete freedom of expression as long as those freedoms do not cause suffering on others. Freedom of speech should be sacrosanct except where that freedom is used to incite, violence, hatred and intolerance of others. It is important that we defend our freedoms if these are threatened by those that would wish to see us enslaved. As one of my inner teachers once said, “if you see a man wielding a stick and beating a child, then you need to take that stick away from the man”. Sadly the sticks today can often be guns and as recent events in Afghanistan have shown it is sometimes necessary to take another’s life to prevent some of the terrible abuses that individuals, through their own pain and suffering, wish to inflict on others. Nevertheless when the stick has been removed and the individual restrained then every step should be taken to help them rehabilitate themselves back into a balanced state of living.

So what happens to the spirit that is executed through capital punishment? If humanity is lucky that soul will have realised the error of its ways and will make a rapid transition into the spirit world where it will be helped with further healing and balance on the spirit planes. This sadly is a rarity. More generally when such a spirit once out of the body and free it will seek every opportunity to wreak further revenge on the society that put it through such misery. And how does it do this? Quite simply by seeking out other disaffected souls and encouraging them to further acts of brutality. A large element of the criminal fraternity comprises individuals who have been influenced or even possessed by spirits who seek to cause as much mayhem as they can. It is high time that unsocial behaviour be treated as an illness and not as a crime. Obviously individuals need to be restrained but they should also be helped to realise why they have acted in the way that they have, and not uncommonly it stems from some abuse in their own childhood. If correctly treated, there are few individuals who would not respond to being helped to move beyond the need to commit crime.

The innocence of children?
It is untrue to say that every baby is born innocent for some spirits incarnate with deliberate intent to cause suffering to those around them. We only have to look at the lives of some of the dictators of the planet to see evidence for this statement. Yet in almost all of these cases the flames of hatred have been further fuelled by their upbringing. There is a lot of truth in the adage show me the child to the age of seven and I will show you the adult.

I would urge any spiritual groups working in countries where capital punishment is still practiced to do whatever they can to send thoughts of love, balance and release to those tormented souls who have to endure the termination of their own lives. If they can be sufficiently helped then there is hope that they will not return to further inflict the world with their feelings of revenge. All thoughts of revenge by the victims of such crime are also counter-productive. Sectarian and racial hatreds can endure for a very long time, for all of the reasons given, before people finally wake up to the futility of such a stance. As Christ so aptly put “we reap what we sow”.

Drug addiction and alcoholism
The last broad area that needs to be tackled relates to those people who die from a habitual use of mind-altering drugs or alcohol abuse. I have already used music theory to provide an analogy of the way energy flows between people and within us and once more this metaphor can come to our aid. What we put into ourselves in the form of food, beverages and any other substances holds vibrational frequencies, which send their information through to the spiritual part of our being, whilst corresponding thoughts from our mind or spiritual self affect the body.

Are drugs a spiritual experience?
In the case of those who take drugs and alcohol, these substances, when taken into the body, provide a form of ‘spiritual’ experience; or perhaps a more accurate description would be to say that the spirit of the person undergoes, through resonance, a form distorted spiritual experience when taking these substances.  In some traditions drugs are used as part of opening up a person to spiritual awareness but for this to happen habitually or compulsively there has to be an aspect within the spirit that is self-destructive. Now the problems endured from this type of activity whilst in the body are as nothing compared to the agony that occurs when a spirit leaves the body at death. They have become addicted to a form of experience that is body dependent, yet they no longer have a body through which to experience. Sadly many such spirits are not able to make the transition through to where they should be on the spiritual planes and become, in effect, earth-bound.

I have helped a number of such spirits move on and in the process have become very conscious of the unimaginable suffering that they endure in this no man’s land state. The only way that they can get any respite is to attach themselves to another addict and obtain a form of secondary experience through their incarnate host. This only perpetuates the cycle for the living addict is being further encouraged from the spirit world to continue their addiction. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard for individuals to break free from a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Those people who are involved with helping individuals in re-habilitation centres would do well to employ the services of a healer who can help those ‘attached’ souls make their transition. Unless this is done there is a very good chance that the individual will fall back into their self-destructive ways.

Other types of cases
The above categories cover the bulk of all of those cases that I have tackled at different stages in my life. There are a few which fall outside of these particular types. Some cases have involved ritual sacrifices that date back in some situations to Druidic times. These have involved occult practices of a most unpleasant nature and there is a considerable amount of negativity that needs to be dealt with before the spirits can be released.

These cases are all quite ‘heavy’ in that they deal with some of the deep traumas that we can experience. I would stress however that they are also a minority. The vast majority of people go through their lives, meeting its challenges before moving on to experience in the realms of spirit without too much problem. As a healer you may come across these types of case and if you do it is well to be advised on how to tackle them.

9.     Healing Processes
The type of healing necessary to sort out any of these problems is dependent upon the presenting condition. Earth energy problems can be present in a whole range of physical and psychological conditions but do need specialist help when dealing with some of these issue. (See: Healing Principles)

A valuable aid to healing can be gained when an individual learns to work with some of the healing forces of the Earth. These should not be underestimated. Most problems in this area stem from some aspect of human activity. 

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