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The Sacred Pentagram of Scotland

Set out over Scotland there is a vast pentagram pattern that includes a number of Scotlands key sacred sites.

The base of this pattern is derived from an alignment between the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and Iona, The line passes through an old stately home that is now used as a hotel called Mavishall. The centre point of the line between Mavishall and Iona is an island on Loch Lomond. The line from Iona to Callanish passes through Dunvegan Castle on Skye. The centre point on the line from Callanish  to the Ring of Brodgar on the Orkneys is very close to the northern tip of Scotland Cape Wrath. The eastern point is created by stone circle now largely destroyed called the Skelmuir Hill circle. The pattern is centred on an island in the middle of Loch Moy.

The Scotland Pentagram

The triangle of Mavishall, Iona and Loch Moy is equal in size to the triangle of Callanish, Ring of Brodgar and Loch Moy both incorporating exactly the same geometry as that found in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The line from Mavishall to Loch Moy, when extended bisects the triangle of Callanish, Ring of Brodgar and Loch Moy and the line from The Ring of Brodgar to Loch Moy, when extended bisects the triangle of  Mavishall, Iona and Loch Moy in Loch Lomond.

Picture of Loch Moy An island in the centre of Loch Moy, home of the Mackintosh Clan, forms the heart of Scotland's sacred pentagram pattern. How fitting that an obelisk was erected here in the 1800's.

It should be noted that this is not an exact pentagram but one that incorporates Great Pyramid geometry in a very subtle and clever way. The diagram below shows how this is done.

The Scotland Pentagram based on internal angles associated with Great Pyramid of Egypt. The two pyramid triangles are Loch Moy, Callanish, Ring of Brodgar and Loch Moy, Iona and Mavishall.

The intersecting mid-points are Cape Wrath and Loch Lomond.

Cross-Section of Great Pyramid Picture of Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is based on a simple ratio of 14 (height) :11 (half base). This triangle was used in ancient Egypt a simple method for calculating the circumference of a circle. See article on Sekeds.

Ring of Brodgar Cape Wrath The Island of Iona
The Ring of Brodgar on the Orkneys forms the most northern point. Cape Wrath, the most northerly point of the Scottish mainland sits at the mid-point of the alignment between Callanish and the Ring of Brodgar The magical island of Iona forms a key point at the base of the pentagram.
Mavishall Hotel Loch Lomond
Lake and tree at Mavishall hotel, which forms the most southern point in the pattern. Beautiful Loch Lomond is located at the mid-point between Mavishall and Iona. Loch Moy at the centre of the pattern and home to the Mackintosh Clan. Click image to enlarge.

Grid References and Co-ordinates
Site O.S. Grid Latitude/Longitude
Loch Moy NH 77587 32313 57.382783; -4.037737
Ring of Brodgar Circle HY 29445 13367 59.001417; -3.229707
Skellmuir Hill Circle NJ 98225 41710 57.464702; -2.028784
Mavis Hall (Marl Law Wood) NT 4i590 62183 55.849624; -2.934680
Iona NH 27125 23130 56.322266; -6.416665
Callanish Circle NB21299 33017 58.197575; -6.745119

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Callanish with its solar and lunar alignments forms one of the western legs of the pentegram

The Scotland Pentagram
Map of the Pentegram Click image to enlarge

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