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The Landscape Circles of the Marlborough Downs


Based on the book The Keys to the Temple

In the first introduction article I recounted my discovery of the twin circle pattern. This article takes the process forward another stage and considers its relationship to a wider patterning, particularly the Michael line, proposed by author John Michell and also to a possible relationship with the size of the Earth.

The plan below shows the pattern as it was first discovered. It was to take a number of years before I was able to crack the geometric code that linked these two circles but the first observation was that the centres fell inside the circumference of the opposite circle rather than being on the circumference, which is what one might expect if the pattern had been deliberately created, for then it would form a true 'vesica piscis' design.

Twin circle pattern of the Marlborough Downs
Fig. 1 The Twin Circle Pattern of the Marlborough Downs

The Elements of the Pattern
In accordance with any true "ley" this pattern contains elements that span a vast period of time in human terms. The oldest site is probably the East Kennett long barrow whose great tree topped humbed back extends for over 100 metres and runs parallel with the circumference of the eastern circle. This barrow could potentially make a wonderful sighting point and was probably erected circa 3000 BCE although no full excavations have been carried out to determine more precise dates.. At the other end of the scale I have included two post refomation churches, which date from the 1800's, One is the church of St. Katherines in Savernake Forest and the othera Wesleyan chapel in Pewsey. These latter sites are probably just coincidences and only marginally detract from the statistical significance of the pattern.

Most of the churches are Norman or earlier and in some cases there is evidence that they might be built on older sites as many stone features old stone features built into the foundations, such as the church at Clyffe Pypard. Watkins believed that pre-reformation chuches were built on much older sacred sites and in so doing povided a link to a much earler archeological period.

Foundation stone - Clyffe Pypard ch
Large sarsen stone adjoining Winterbourne Monkton ch.
Foundation stone at Winterbourne Bassett ch
Foundation stone church unrecorded

If the pattern was created deliberately then the most likely explanation was that the conception and execution must have taken place at a time contemporary with the building of the Avebury henge and the East Kennett long barrow, which would be around 3000 BCE (Before Common Era).

No significant site can be found at the two centres of the two circles although in both cases these could have been removed or grubbed out by later developments. The eastern centre lies close to an old railway embankment, whilst the western centre lies in an open ploughed field. Within two hundred metres of this theoretical position lies a woodland copse containing a number of large Sarsen stones. These had obviously been removed from a field at some stage to facilitate poughing but there previous position could not be determined.

The Michael Line
In his seminal book 'View Over Atlantis' John Michell described a possible alignment, which he called a 'Dragon Path' that linked together the sites of St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, with Glastonbury Tor, Avebury and the Abbey Church at Bury St. Edmunds. The henge at Avebury is one of the principal features of this pattern, so the obvious next step was to plot onto the plan this Michael line to see where it ran in relation to circles. The diagram below shows this

Fig. 2 The Twin circles of the Marlborough Downs with the Michael Line plotted on

Careful checks were made on the accuracy of the Michael Line by mathematically calculating the alignment from OS grid data, but what became apparent was that the alignment of the centres of the two circles ran parallel to Michell's proposed alignment. For full details of the Michael alignment please click here.

Fig. 3 The St. Michael Alignment after John Michell

If "leys" themselves have failed to be accepted by the archeological establishment the concept of long distant alignments would be even less likely to be considered a possibility. At this stage of the discovery I could make no sense of the connection between the circles and the Michael Line except this curious resonant relationship. It seemed like some great cosmic joke full of elements that should be totally impossible. For how could a Neolithic people, using only basic equipment, have set out in the landscape a vast twin circle pattern with each circle being a fraction under twelve miles in diameter and in addition have established the long distant alignment claimed by Michell.

Earth Measures
At some early stage of this discovery I decided to see whether there might be any connection with the Earth's proportions, either the equatorial circumference or the meridian line between the equator and the pole. Because of the bulge of the Earth and polar flattening these two measures are slightly different.

The mean radius of the two circles is (9588 + 9570)/2 metres = 9579 metres and the mean circumference (60.243 + 60.130)/ km = 60.187 km. (see Keys Intro Part 1).

The equatorial circumference of the Earth = 40,075.02 km
The meridional quadrant of the Earth = 10001.97 km

If we divide the mean circumference of the circles into these two figures we get the following:

  • 665.847 ratio of circle circumference to equator
  • 166.182 ratio of circle circumference to meridian (pole to equator)

It was the first of these figures that looked the most intriguing for it is very close to that enigmatic number 666. If we turned this equation the other way around and asked what is 1/666th part of the equatorial circumference then the answer is 40,075.02/666 = 60.1727 km. If we translate this circumference back into the radius then the answer is 60.1727/2/pi = 9577 m. In other words only two metres difference between the actual mean and a theoretic mean if the intention was to form a circle in resonance with the Earth's equatorial circumference by the ratio 666. For further discussion on the significance of this number click here.

It is fun playing with numbers and this connection between the Earth and the Marlborough Circles is probably entirely coincidental. Yet if this was the desired intention then it indicates a far higher order of understanding from our Neolithic ancestors than we could every have supposed. It implies that not only did they know the world was round but also its size!

Location Information
Click here for detailed information on the sites of the Marlborough Downs landscape circles giving OS grid references etc.

Statistical Analysis
Click here for a statistical analysis of the Marlborough Downs landscape circles.

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The Keys to the Temple - book

The book The Keys To The Temple from which the article is taken. Click the image for further details.

Avebury from the air. One of the key points on the Eastern Circle.

One of Avebury's stones

Part of the Avebury Henge

The Giant's Grave hil fort

The Giant's Grave: one of the points on the circumference of the Eastern Circle.

East Kennett long barrow

The East Kennett long barrow. A key point on the Eastern Circle.

Bishop's Cannings church

Bishops Cannings Church. One of the key points on the Western Circle

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