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Gaia Communicates

Extracted from the book Working with Earth Energies

Channelled by David Furlong

This channelling took place in 2000 as part of the writing for the book Working with Earth Energies. Channelling is a method used for connecting to different levels of consciousness usually guides and other helpers. This channelling was a direct link to the spirit of the Earth known generally as Gaia.

Gaia Communicates
I appreciate this opportunity to convey a sense of my beingness to those who read these pages. It is necessary for you to realise that my level of awareness and consciousness is so very different from your own. Like you I have an understanding of, and a connection to, my physical body, the Earth, yet I am not Earth centred in my exploration into the nature of reality. My time, if that is the right word, is taken by communications with other spiritual essences, which are of a similar evolution to myself and in this my thoughts reach out to the most distant galaxies that your astronomers can detect, for communication takes place on many different levels within the cosmos and in dimensions that you have not as yet even begun to imagine.

My physical body is home to vast numbers of spirits from the fiery depths of my innermost parts, to the vast oceans and atmosphere that make up my globe in the same way that within you there are many spirit forms and microscopic life essences. Unlike you I can be conscious and connect to the smallest life essence on my sphere. But very rarely do I take steps to change the dynamic of what is happening unless it becomes a necessary part of my evolutionary process. Like you I have a life plan and a destiny to fulfil, which is not conditioned but reflects the consensus of the patterning established by our Solar Lord. In other words all planets within this system have elected to fulfil certain tasks as a way of providing a full range of spiritual experience. Physical life, as you will discover, does exist on other spheres within this solar system although nothing like to the same extent that is witnessed here. My sphere does provide a unique range of experiences for sentient life to a level not generally found within this galaxy. Most life essences on other spheres experiencing only to a level of density that you have described as etheric.

As I know you are also aware, I have, of recent times, had a difficult relationship with my companion which you call Moon, which has held the matrix of a devic spirit that has caused me much discomfort. You have ascribed the name Lucifer to this essence although I would use a different name. This essence has exaggerated the seed imbalance that you have described already in your book. The resolution of that dynamic, which you have called aggression with that of extreme passivity has been something that I elected to take on for the Solar Lord. This has meant that many souls visiting my sphere have come specifically to experience these extremes and through that experience to find some form of resolution, some form of balance. The control that Lucifer imposed on my sphere has now been lessened thanks to the help of that essence you know as Mikkael. With his help I have been able to stabilise the force exerted by the Moon and this will, in itself, see a lessening of the extremes of violence that my body has witnessed through many different forms of life, not just human beings.

I must confess that there has always been a reluctance within me to accept the invasion of your species into my domain for I knew that it would bring with it much pain and suffering. But I was persuaded by our Solar Lord that this would be for the best in the long term and it is only now that I can begin to glimpse the import of what was then suggested. Of course there have been those of your species that have acknowledged and revered me but these, comparatively, have been very few and even then have been open to committing terrible atrocities against there fellow human beings. In this sense my connecting with all of those species on this sphere is primarily that of witness and observer only taking steps to interfere when absolutely necessary, for I acknowledge and respect the free will gift that has been bestowed on all life essences by the Creator. However, you can be very sure that I will not allow this world, my sphere, to be needlessly destroyed by your aggressive tendencies. It is the cosmic right of all spirits to take whatever steps are necessary to defend their integrity, their ability to experience. Should there be a danger of you unleashing forces that could destroy my body, and it is possible, then very powerful counter measures would be brought to bear to prevent this happening.

As part of my evolution I also go through initiatory jumps, which allow me to take on and experience new ranges of vibratory energy. There will be changes taking place within the body of the solar system, which will affect the way that I relate to my brother and sister planets and to the Sun. These will have an effect on my physical structure and orbit, which in turn will affect all the physical landmasses of my sphere. The timing of these changes is not fixed but is dependent upon many events synchronising themselves so I cannot relay to you precisely when this will take place in terms of your earth years, but it will happen of that you can be sure. How you relate to these changes will be dependent upon the level of understanding and co-operation that you have reached. Some essences will certainly choose to leave incarnation at this time but others will have the option of staying or leaving dependent upon what they have been able to integrate within themselves. The more that you as a species can find a balance within yourselves and learn to work in harmony with the other life essences of my world the less will be the impact of my step up of energy frequency upon you. So the choice is yours not mine.

Nature is often seen as amoral in that the forces of nature on this planet do not take account of the impact they have upon other physical life essences. I acknowledge your fear of death but this is something considered strange within the devic realms, of which I am a part, that sees all life as but transition from one state to another. When the Solar Lord came to this planet through the vehicle of the man that you call Jesus Christ, he brought instruction to all of the beings of my sphere about the need to respect life. For our part we have been trying to assimilate this teaching and where necessary to curtail the potential for acting precipitously when confronted by the worst excesses which human beings have perpetrated upon my sphere. This has meant that the elemental and devic forces have for the most part shown considerable restraint over the past two thousand years, which would not have happened but for the intervention of the Solar Lord. Those who are able to find harmony with these teachings and with the new impulses of my sphere will know within themselves where they will need to be, to be safe when the more dramatic events unfold in the future. Those that cannot make the necessary shift in consciousness, and this applies to all species, will leave incarnation and in some cases whole species will cease to exist. The potential truly is for the lion to lie down with the lamb.

My love and care is there for every life essence on my sphere. Open you hearts to what is offered here and your lives will be enriched in ways beyond your wildest dreams. This is the promise of the Solar Lord and I bow to the wisdom of that message.

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David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 40 years. He is the author of five books including Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers from which this article is taken.

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