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A new guided imagery self-development and healing CD

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Download Price £8.50

The contents of the CD can be downloaded in MP3 format directly from the internet for playing on computer, mobile or personal stereo system for a fee of
£8:50 or $15:50
In order to obtain the access codes for download please email: David Furlong at

Self Healing and Inner Development Meditations
Price: £12:99

This CD contains eight guided imagery inner development and empowerment exercises that will help you find harmony within and form a connection to potent self-healing energies from the Sun and Earth.

The exercises are easy to follow and are valuable for all aspects of self-healing. They are also particularly suitable for those suffering psychic attack, spirit invasions, helping to strengthen and balance the various aspects of the psyche.

These exercises carry a vibrational energy that will enhance all aspects of your life.

The CD is intended as a complement to the book Working with Earth Energies. The 69 minute CD has the following 8 tracks:

1. Opening the Heart
2. Connecting to Your Inner Essence
3. Connecting to Energies of Healing and Balance
4. Earth Attunement Exercise
5. Spiritual Guidance (Part 1)
6. Spiritual Guidance (Part 2)
7. Psychic Protection
8. Working with Healing Symbols from Nature
Inner light

This CD can be purchased direct from:

David Furlong, Como Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2TH

Price: £12.99
Postage: UK -  £1:25: Europe - £1:85: Rest of World: £1:99

If you download the CD from the Internet site Lulu (see side panel) you can save a massive £5.74 on the above price.

Please send cheque or alternatively you can pay by Paypal

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