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 The Sirius Connection

Channelled communication by HA thro David Furlong

"All will be affected by this Sirian impulse.... and as that beam hits the planet it will bring some fundamental changes."

When I last spoke through David, I brought up something that highlighted the significance of this moment ‘now’. Of course, in one sense, time is important - we are all in the ‘now’ moment. Just pause for a second or two to reflect on what that means. You can get a sense of a continuity that stretches back in time and is almost outside of time, a link from all that you have ever been to all that you are and, in a curious way, to all that you will be.

This is quite a thought, is it not? At any instance in time there is within you the ability to link right forward to the moment when you will rejoin the Godhead, rejoin that creative Essence from which you emerged, when your spirit will have found a harmony and be so at one with other energies, that you are able to harmonise and become part of the magnificent force that you call God; and when your mind can touch that divine moment and allow the whole of your life to become flooded with its energy.

It is also true to say that the future is not fixed. One of the things that needs to be achieved whilst in a physical body is the ability to grasp conundrums, the ability to deal with paradox, the ability to recognise that both the past and the future are fluid and yet, as I have already said, in one sense they are all there. The reason for mentioning this, for emphasising this, is to give each of you that feeling that there is always within you the ability to connect at the very, very highest that you can possibly conceive. It is all there within you, my friends. And although I am speaking through David, all I am really doing is reminding you of who and what you are: an extraordinary, beautiful and magnificent being - your inner spiritual essence. All that you really need to do is to give yourself the space to communicate with this wonderful, nurturing, sustaining part of yourself.

But I have digressed a little because this moment is also important from the point of view of planet Earth. Like you, planets go through their evolutionary cycle, both on a physical level as well as on a spiritual level. The guiding deity, and I use that word deliberately, that spiritually overlights this planet, is that being you call Gaia. And connected to Gaia is another spiritual essence that is here to help the transformational process that Earth is going through at this moment, a spiritual essence that you have come to refer to as Mikaal. These two beings are responsible for and helping the evolution of this planet, which is about to take a great step forward

As you know, when you walk there is a point when one foot has left the ground and you are reaching forward but are not quite steady, and a nudge can knock you off balance. And it is very important at such moments that the impulse to go forward is carried in a way that keeps the momentum going. What I was communicating through both Tony and David last week was a point in this flow forward into the Aquarian age where the momentum for planet Earth is being stepped up; and the force that drives this momentum comes from outside this solar system. It is linked into and is a part of that star-grouping you know as Sirius.

What does Sirius mean? Well, at one level it is the brightest star that sits in the heavens and, quite naturally from that point of view, ancient people have been particularly attracted to its energies, its essence. You have to understand of course that across this planet, when people have studied the rhythms of the stars from all sorts of different perspectives, they have been aware that certain qualities of spiritual energy seem to emanate from different star-groupings, even from different points within the stars themselves. And because of that they started to imbue an aura of sacredness about some of the stars in particular, because it was felt and sensed that these stars were playing some significant role upon this planet.

Now each of you know that if you start to think of someone, a sort of link is established between you. So if you continually, between the three of you present, sat down at 9 o‘clock every day and tuned into each other, very soon a sort of energy web would be established; and that would mean that you start to find that your thinking begins to come into a sort of resonance. You might discover that you were thinking about similar things at a similar time, that you happened to ring each other up synchronistically, and so on.

At one level, going way back in time, a link of such a nature was established with the star system of Sirius and that opened up a conduit of energy that could become utilised by those living in a physical body. The ancient Egyptians, particularly, were very connected with this Sirian energy and going back, prior to that, the Atlanteans. The priesthood recognised the special qualities, the power that lay within that Sirian system and they were able to harness that energy and draw it into Earth. And that energy became infused, not only into Atlantis but into other areas on the planet.

Now in a funny sort of way, those members of the priesthood who made this connection were actually themselves tuning into this out-of-time state, so they become aware that at some future stage Sirius was going to play an important role within the evolution of Earth. Can you understand what I am saying about this, the paradox of time? It means that people, each of you, can be aware of impulses and dynamic energies that are really going to manifest at some stage in the future. But because you are in this out-of-time state it seems as though this is the right moment for this energy to come forth. So in one way, although the Atlanteans and the Egyptians and other cultures as well, were able to tune into this Sirian energy and open up the channels for it, the main flow of this energy from Sirius itself into this system was not destined to manifest until this period within Earth’s history.

So what is this energy going to do and how can each of you allow it to become part of you again? What I would say to you here in this room, is that each of you in your own way has connected with this energy before. But from the larger collective, how can humanity allow this energy to become part of human nature? For this it needs those who are open to making this connection. Recently, I highlighted the symbol that I gave to the Atlantean group quite a few years ago, of the ankh, the sun and the equidistant cross in the circle. This symbol can hold in balance the impulse, the power, the vortex that will come forth from Sirius and is starting to come forth from Sirius in quite a powerful way.

When this happens, one of the challenges is that the impulse of this light will tend to exaggerate some of the energies that are here on this planet. In some cases it will exaggerate these energies in a very positive, enhancing way and at another level it will exaggerate them in a more destructive way. So here is a very important challenge for all of those individuals who are working to bring harmony and balance to this planet, for it does require a concerted effort to allow that light to manifest in balance, and you can use the symbol that I have just given you for this.

There is much more I could share about this energy but I feel, tonight, I also want to open up for your questions and maybe, with your permission, we could do a meditation, a linking to this energy for each of you to get a sense of what it means to you. It is interesting, and maybe quite appropriate, that we have one of our canine friends here in this room for Sirius is also known as the Dog Star! But I would be digressing too much if I followed on down that route.

All species on this planet will be affected by this energy as will the very solid structure, the physical structure and the core energies within the planet – all will be affected by this Sirian impulse. It’s rather as though, my friends, you are coming into a beam of light that is being shone from a very bright source, and as that beam hits the planet, hits the solar system, it will bring about some fundamental changes.

So I would like to open up now to your perceptions, your feelings, your questions, your insights about what I have so far shared with you.

Well I really don’t know very much about solar systems and planets etc. It is just coming back to basics about how it will affect people on a personal level really, and what we might expect to happen for ourselves.

Indeed, indeed, I think it is very, very important to bring this down to a grass roots level. What it will tend to do is to highlight different facets within individuals’ lives; and the way it will do this will cause people to act and react in ways that may not be quite in character. As I have said, in some cases this could be incredibly beneficial for it is part of a reawakening that is taking place on the planet at this moment in time - and it is not just the Sirian energy that is involved. But on the flip side, it can also foster some of the more shadowy aspects of human nature. Even today there have been people blowing themselves up in a way that also destroys others - or destroys their physical bodies.

One has to question what is going on within the human psyche that it can be so out of kilter to want to not only kill others, but to be prepared to kill themselves. For what? For some bizarre idealistic type of thinking which is so far removed from that overwhelming Source of love that comes from God, that one can only conclude that it is coming from completely the opposite source. I have spoken in the past about Luciferic energies and whether you wish to personalise this in the form of some overlighting malign influence, or just to see it as an aspect of the human being, it does not really matter. What is required is as much balance and love energy that can be sent out from each of you as possible to any whom you - and I perhaps need to be careful here - any situations where there is some great disturbance taking place.

From each of your perspectives I would like to see this as a wonderful opportunity, because that is what it really is. It only becomes a problem when there is a resistance to going with its flow. Because what will happen if there is resistance to going with its flow, is that it will highlight all of the shadow, not-OK parts of that dynamic. So you can see this, from your own perspective, as a time for expansion, a time for growth, a time for wonder, for exploration….a time for letting go of all the fetters of past karmic experience, that allows you to step forth in almost as different a way as a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. How each of you experiences this is of course going to be completely unique; but the more you can welcome its energy, its vibratory essence, the more you will see it as a dancing force inside you…..Does that make sense, is it helpful?

Question: Yes,thank you.
I think that everything you have said sounds amazing and I assume the outcome of all this hasn’t been decided…

Well, if I can interrupt, at one level it has and at another level it hasn’t.

From a personal point of view I feel that I need to learn to let go – I am too controlling. It is as though for a long time I feel that I have had to hold things together within the family, especially over these last few years, and now I can’t stop. But I want to let go and move forward and go with the flow, but I am finding that part of it difficult. It is scary, like stepping into the unknown and I wondered if you could say anything about that

First of all I would like to commend you on your openness and honesty in looking at these issues within you. You know, one of the aspects of the philosophy that I have brought forth has been to do with acceptance; and one of the hardest things for human beings to do is to strip away the veneer of what they think they are, to be able to see the truth of who and what they truly are.And within all of that truth is the richness that makes up the individual: those parts which flow easily and those parts which present challenges.

This is certainly a time for letting go of control and yet at the same time there is the need for - and again I need to choose my words carefully - because it is not control that you need but a desire and an impulse to want to go forward and to hold that sense of focus. So in that sense it is a positive application within yourself, a positive desire to be able to step forth into this new way of being. And perhaps the way to do this from your point of view, and from most people’s point of view, is to access that ‘child-like wonder’ part of who and what you are.

Sadly, childhood upbringing can be very heavily regimented. But the more you can step back and strip that away, the more you can begin to access the part of you that stands in wonder at all of what you are, reaching into and exploring it and experiencing it. You need to be gentle on yourself, you need to put an arm around yourself and say to yourself, ‘I am doing fine. I am not quite where I need to be and I know that at times I am going to slip up but I have a desire, a very wonderful, strong desire within me to flow with this new energy. And I know, I affirm, that all of the spiritual energy of the cosmos stands with me and beside me and breathes through me. And then dear…to trust, and to keep on trusting and to keep on affirming.

What will happen is that you will start to ask why you are doing the things that you are doing that cause you angst. And some individuals around you will start to say, ‘Hey, perhaps you could do this in a different way.’ Sometimes they will want to keep you where you are, but if you can allow that love to flow through you…

Question: That is very helpful thank you.

There is within you and within all of you such wonderful inner beauty and power and wisdom. It is as though your outer being is like a shell, an eggshell perhaps, that is starting to crack open and this wonderful light is starting to shine through. The more you can allow the shell to break, the easier it will be…dust off all the cobwebs, all the bits and become a new chick on the block!!

And how about you?

It’s interesting, it is very interesting…some time ago I felt a need to connect with something that felt familiar, safe, loving, and the energy that I connected to was of the planet Sirius. But I think it is challenging and I think for me it has highlighted what I need to let go of and relinquish and, as crazy as it sounds, it is almost as if I have worn a coat or a suit of clothes that don’t suit anymore – don’t fit anymore. And someone has said, ‘I will take that from you’ and I have said, ‘No, no I want to hang on to it!’ But having said that - and the process is still going on - it is a gradual letting go of everything I have ever known.

I have stood and thought I don’t know anything anymore. But the energy of Sirius, in the way I experience it, is very subtle a very fine quality of love and beauty. And I think my understanding of what is happening is that the impulse is being grounded through us; and in that process it is highlighting what is dense, what is no longer needed, but not in a subtle way. That again is a paradox, that it has felt to me almost a force…there is a force with it, an urgency, a strength of impulse that feels important, there is a strength of will in it. But then when that shifts, when that clears, the quality of love is exquisite…I don’t know what else to say…but that is where I am now.

Thank you so much for sharing what you have and expressing so beautifully something of the quality of this energy. As you have so rightly perceived and understood it is very subtle, it is very delicate and yet extraordinarily powerful. And because of your link to this energy from the past it has called you and that deeper part within you has responded to it. And it means that all that seemed to be the structure of who and what you are becomes fragmented, changed – and that is indeed exciting. And the trick is to go with the flow – how does one go with the flow? How does one become a leaf on a river? Trust, trust that all that is needed to be brought forth will be brought forth. Trust that you can draw on this wondrous energy and it will help you, guide you, and lead you forward in a way that is extraordinary.

The following might be helpful for you to do: Sirius is a twin star system and each of the stars in that system carries a slightly different quality or resonance or vibration. If you wish to take this a little stage further you can tune in to each of those star energies. There is also a third body within that system which is more akin to a planet and it is the dynamic of these three energies woven together that creates the pulse that comes from Sirius. All you really need in order to allow these new energies to be part of who and what you are, is an openness within yourself. You can work with the symbol of the ankh, to feel that you are drawing the ankh energy through. Or you could use the larger symbol that I have expressed, or you can reflect on the star itself as it twinkles brightly in the winter sky….

Just as at times you can feel yourself standing and facing the Sun and drawing on that Sun energy - or the Moon - so too you can link with Sirius and the star energies that it expresses.

Maybe now would be an opportune moment to connect our thoughts and to link up…. And I would like you each for a moment to focus in the area of your heart….. In the past, I have suggested that your heart and the area above your heart is like a flower that opens up all the beauty of the morning Sun. Let us imagine that coming into our hearts through the symbol of the ankh and being drawn into our being, is this very delicate but powerful Sirian energy…. Breathe it in my friends…allow it to permeate every single cell of your physical body…. of your emotional body…. your mental body…. your spiritual body…. and see yourself dancing to the rhythm of this impulse………

And on that note I bid you all a very good evening.

Channelled thro David Furlong
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