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Soul Connection and Grounding

This article contains the first part of the meditation exercise for linking to your Soul or inner Spiritual Self, the Sun and the Earth. See the RHS panel.

We can only fully experience nature by being part of her. This entails a two step process of first connecting to our inner essence and then fully gounding that part within our physical body. The separation process that has been part of humanity’s quest over the past few thousand years may have been a necessary step in self-awareness but it is now time to re-enter consciously the essence of nature to link ourselves energetically with the Earth. Our journey will involve different exercises for you to practice so that the concepts discussed here are not just another intellectual curiosity. It is laid out in a coherent way that takes you step by step through different aspects of Earth consciousness.

Most of the exercises given in these articles adhere to a standard pattern. In some instances you will need to be out in nature but many can also be carried out within your own home.
Many people have now learnt basic meditation techniques, how still the mind and so on. Do not worry if you have not meditated before for what is presented here will allow you to experience fully what is being offered.

Meditation or Attunement Procedure
Aim: Basic meditation procedures
Time: 2- 3 minutes.

  1. Find somewhere where you are comfortable and will be undisturbed. Any place can do. The main point of contact with the Earth is through your feet and I would encourage you to adopt a posture that has your feet on the floor or the ground, rather like the Egyptian Pharaohs, and not to sit cross-legged. We are in a process of needing to re-establish our connections with the Earth and not to disconnect from it, which is, in effect, what sitting cross-legged actual does at an energetic level. I know that this can be hard if you are used to meditating cross-legged but the effort is worth it.
  2. Begin all exercises by first closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths and trying to fully relax your body. With practice this part need only take a few moments.

The exercise that follows next sets out the pattern for the different exercises in this book. To my mind this exercise is the most important one that you will do. It can be practised time and time again and on each occasion you will gain a new level of relationship. Like us the Earth undergoes its own evolutionary process that encompasses both physical as well as spiritual events and cycles. We are at a significant moment in its history when new vibrational ‘energies’ are streaming onto this planet inviting profound change at every level. Old structures are being broken down demanding new ways of being. Those that clutch fearfully and tenaciously to the past, whether in religion or institution are becoming locked into an ultimately self-destructive time warp. They need help to let go their fear and move with the dynamics of these changing times. The Earth is going through an amazing transformation and we can and need to be part of this process; we need to continually re-affirm and upgrade our connection with its vibrant energy.

You do not have to do all of the exercise at the same time; each step can be practised on its own. Eventually it will become a process that can be invoked in a matter of moments to be re-affirmed in those quite times when you need to re-charge your batteries for its self-healing properties are immense.

You can practise this exercise as many times as you like. Indeed I would suggest that you always begin any of the other exercises in this book by carrying out this foundation exercise. With practise it can be speeded up so that it does not take up too much time. It will start the process of re-aligning your energies to the vibratory rate of the Earth. From my perception human beings are not innately aligned to the pulse of the Earth so this is a very important first step.

Earth Attunement Exercise
Aim: to energetically connect to the vibrational frequencies of the Sun and the Earth
Time: 5-10 minutes

Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Sit in a chair with your feet firmly placed on the floor. Do not sit cross-legged on the floor for this exercise for your feet need to be soles down on the floor, or if suitable outdoors in nature.

  1. Close you eyes and take a few breaths relaxing your physical body, letting go any tension in you back, shoulders and neck.
  2. Imagine that the inner core essence of your being is represented by a point or flame of light that resides somewhere within your body. It is most important that it is within you not outside of you. Some people initially sense this energy all around them, but for this exercise find its centre its point of extreme focus. It does not matter whether you sense this light in your head, your throat, your heart, your solar plexus or you abdomen. Feel yourself connecting to its essence, becoming one with its luminosity.
  3. Now think of the Sun and imagine that its magnificent energy is right over the top of your head. From the Sun imagine a golden thread of light is coming down through the top of your head and connecting to the light within you. What does this feel like? What do you experience?
  4. Next direct this light down through your body and through the soles of your feet into the Earth. Imagine that the energy is penetrating deep into the ground, down and down, until it finally touches the very core and heart of the planet. What do you sense and feel lies within the ‘heart of the Earth’?
  5. Imagine that these colours are entering your bones and that your skeleton is changing colour to match that of the colour that came from the Earth. Try to feel that the whole of your physical body is vibrating to this new pulse particularly your bones. This exercise is in effect re-aligning your vibration to that of the Earth something that is most important. Bring your thoughts into the area of your heart and imagine that the energy of you heart is like a large pink or yellow flower. See its petals opening and sense or feel that you are breathing energy in through and out of your heart.
  6. Become aware of all of the different parts of this exercise, the link to yourself, the link to the Sun, the link to the Earth and the opening of your heart. Try to feel that you are like a two-way transmitter of energy that connects the Sun to the Earth and back again.
  7. Bring your thoughts back to your physical body and open your eyes, still if possible maintaining the sense of this connection.
  8. From time to time during your day think of these connections for they will strengthen your energetic links to the Earth.

This meditation can be heard and downloaded from the internet.
The sample should play through the Windows Media file facility or alternatively it can be played through Quicktime or your mp3 player. If you do not have mp3 facility you can upload a free version player from MusicMatch.
Please click the link in the side panel to hear the first part of the meditation. This is one a series of Self-Development meditations that can be downloaded from the internet. Please click here for more information.

In our journey so far we have considered that consciousness abounds around us wherever we are, and that each place holds a different quality of vibratory essence. We are affected by and affect all that we come in contact with for we are in an inescapable realm of subtle energy exchanges. How conscious we are of all of these processes is entirely our choosing but with practice we can learn to be vastly more aware than we are at present. This applies as much to me as it does to you, for there is no limit to our awareness only what we choose to impose on ourselves.

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David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 40 years. He is the author of five books including Working With Earth Energies from which this article is taken.

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Working With Earth Energies.
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The Lotus can be placed above one's head, under the feet or over a chakric point.

A combination symbol of the ankh, the Sun and the equi-distant cross and circle, which is a very powerful protective and healing symbol.

Earth Attunement Meditation
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