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sending healing energy

Step1 attune within

Step 2 attune to client

Step 3 connect to healing Ch'i and direct to client

Step 4 balance client's energy field

The Colour Rays

Symbol of Lotus

Ankh, Sun and Equidistant Cross and Circle - a powerful healing symbol

Sensing the aura as a protective bubble of light

The Principles of Healing - Part 2


The Principles of Healing
The Nature of Being
Basic Healing Techniques
The Use of Colour Symbols
Protection and The Subtle Energy fields of the Body
Self Healing
Distant Healing
Balancing the Energies of Places


*     We are all individual so the healing energy that you generate will be unique to you. If you liken yourself to an orchestra, somebody whose orchestra is composed mainly of brass instruments would play a very different type of music from someone whose orchestra is composed mainly of stringed instruments. This is why well-known healers tend to specialise in their type of treatments. You need to develop the type of approach that is right for you. However there are some general guidelines that are applicable to all healers.

*     You need to have a 'heart centred' desire to want to help.

*     It is important to act as a channel for healing energies rather than using your own resources.

*     All healing should be an offering of love from one soul to another and must not be an imposition. "Thy Will Be Done" - Implying not only God's will but also the  will of the spirit or soul you are sending the healing to.

*     Suggested procedure :

  1.     Attune within
  2.     Attune to the client
  3.     Link to the source of healing energy  e.g. Christ, Godhead, Sun, Cosmos,
        Golden- Chalice, the Earth and so on.      
  4.     Direct your thoughts to balance the whole of the energy fields of the patient.
  5.     Send healing to the specific parts e.g. an arthritic knee.
  6.     Balance the whole person again.
  7.     De-link from the source of energy and the client.
  8.     Sense yourself balanced within your own auric energy field and close down.

*    To begin the healing process it is preferable to have the client either sitting in a straight chair or lying on the floor or couch. As the healer you need to be in a position that is comfortable for you. Place your hands on their shoulders as a preliminary to starting the healing. Touch is very important and creates and initial bond.

*    Attune within by sensing a connection to the deepest or most spiritual part of yourself. This does not have to be a complicated process, simply saying to yourself "I am connecting to my Higher Consciousness" will open up this channel. Next attune to your client in the same way. You could affirm with "I am connecting to the higher consciousness of my client."

*     Link yourself to the source of your healing energy. (See above.) Initially you will tend to work only with one source but with practice you may go on to work with different sources depending on the responses of the client. Sense that you are drawing this energy through the top of your head, linking it to your heart and then directing out through your hands. If you prefer to link with the energy of the earth then feel that you are drawing this up through your feet to your heart before feeling it flow out through your hands.

*     Sense or imagine that this energy is bringing harmony and balance to all the levels of your client.  Affirm within " I am balancing body, emotions, mind and spirit." At this stage you might wish to allow your hands to move away from the client to a distance of six to eight inches and direct all your thoughts to the subtle energy fields that surround your client.

*     Next focus on any area that either your client has mentioned requires healing or what your intuition relays to you. At this stage you could place your hands on the imbalanced part. Maintain the connection for as long as you can hold your attention to the healing. If you find your mind wandering off then start to draw the healing to a close.

*     To do this once more think about balancing or re-aligning whole system and particularly send a thought of protection and strength to the aura.

*     When this is complete de-link from the source of healing energy. De-link from your client and centre and balance your own energies. This last step can be carried out by the simple process of crossing your hands although some healers like to wash their hands afterwards.

*     This form of healing does not need to take a long time. Some healers achieve all they need to in less than a minute, others may take half-hour or more. There are no hard and fast rules.

*     Studies have been carried out in the States that have verified the effectiveness of spiritual healing and prayer. These studies have also suggested that healing is around four times more effective when is sent to balance the whole person rather than focusing on the part that is showing the imbalance. In other words in an arthritic patient it is better to send thoughts of balance to all their energies rather than concentrating exclusively on curing the arthritis. The system given above takes in this point and allows us to work at both ends of the spectrum.

*     The process of healing is concerned about balance for a person or indeed a place or situation. To achieve balance without we need continually to strive for balance within. This is one of the biggest challenges for everyone involved in this work. (See section "Self-Healing") 

*     One of the other challenges of healing is to continue developing one's techniques and not to become static.


*     Colour can be used as an aid to assist the therapeutic process. A number of colour rays are given below. These are not exclusive and different schools may suggest alternative correlations. It should be appreciated that the mind acts rather like a computer. If we programme it with certain ideas it will act accordingly.

*     Using colour rays helps us become more conscious and interactive in the healing process. It should be looked upon as the first step rather than as an end in itself.

*     WHITE RAY ... is used for sealing the aura, also for recharging a person who is tired physically, mentally or psychically.

*     BLUE RAY.... is the ray of cleansing. Wounds may be cleansed by this ray and it should be used when attacking germs, dirt etc.  It should also be used for cleansing the auric energy fields and is particularly good at helping combat viral infections such as colds or flu. It is a good practice to cleanse the client's aura with the blue ray before finally dis-connecting.

*     CORAL OR PINK a warming ray, and should be used for the relief of pain, headaches and in the treatment of such complaints as arthritis etc. It may also be used for soothing. This ray should not be confused with the Red Ray.

*     RED for burning. It can be used in advanced cases of gastric ulcers, where the area is not drying. Externally it can used on badly poisoned wounds or ulcerated places. It can cause a little discomfort when being used. This can be counteracted by a dark blue/indigo ray to the surrounding area which has a form of anaesthetic effect.

*     LILAC RAY ... is  a building ray. It is ideal for cases where fibres or tissues have been destroyed, such as with severe burning or cancer. It stimulates the growth of new tissue and will speed up the healing of wounds. It is therefore ideal for people recovering from operations.

*     SILVER RAY ..... is used in healing brain or nerve damage in that it will help new connections to be made. It needs to be used sparingly rather like a thin laser beam of light.

*     GOLD RAY ....... is used to balance spinal or back injuries, eye problems and against any very disturbed energies. It is a ray that can be called upon if you feel threatened in any way by energies that you sense around you. Like the silver ray when directing this energy to the physical body it should be done sparingly like a laser beam. If overdone it will cause discomfort.

*     The above are the major rays and will provide a basis for working on many types of cases.

*     To use them in healing simply imagine, visualise the particular colour coming through your hands and being directed to the area of imbalance. If you have difficulty visualising a colour simply holding the thought in your mind "I am using a white, blue or whatever ray " will suffice.

*    An alternative to colour is the use of symbols or sounds that are visualised or sensed within and then projected out. For example a symbol for tranquillity is "the Lotus" flower or water lily that is so connected to the Buddha. If you had a client who was under a great deal of emotional stress you could imagine that they were within a "Lotus" or alternatively to place an imaginary "Lotus" on their head. This will have the effect of linking you and them them to this universal energy.

*     Another very powerful balancing and healing symbol is the equi-distant cross within a circle. Simply visualising or imaging this symbol surrounding your client will help draw all their energies into balance.


*     As mentioned, there is a stepping down of energy from the spirit or soul to the physical body. All the in between layers of consciousness, the emotions, mind intuitions etc. form part of an energy field that has become known as the aura.

*     The aura contains the sum of all the non-physical energies of our being and psychics suggest that it extends out from our body for a distance of about eighteen inches. However this may be an over- simplification for, being non-physical, part of it exists outside of the space/time continuum. Because of this messages or perceptions coming from the deeper layers of our consciousness have to be translated into images or terms comprehensible to the rational mind. This can sometimes be confusing.

*     One of the most important functions of the aura not generally recognised is that of protection. This is crucial to holding the whole of our being together. If this protective mechanism did not exist the resonances of our different layers of consciousness, with other beings would cause so much interference that life would be impossible. It would be as though you were trying to listen to a particular station on the radio with a dozen other stations broadcasting on the same frequency. Metaphorically the aura casts a form of radio-black out on incoming signals "detuning" them sufficiently to stop the majority of this interference. Another analogy would be like two orchestras playing different pieces of music together in the same room. Eventually there would be a break down in what was being played. The auric barriers has the effect of putting the two orchestras in separate rooms with walls between them. You might still hear the other orchestra but it would be sufficiently muffled so as not to cause a problem.

*     Some people's walls are very thin and this can be also exasperated by psychic development. Such individuals can find themselves becoming chameleons to those who are around them. They can, for example, find it difficult going into supermarkets because they get easily disturbed by disruptive energies.

*     The aura is a natural part of who and what we are and so it functions automatically.  When we come into a physical body the spirit or soul builds  this projecting energy field around it as a natural protection. But, because of the many stresses and strains in life that become magnified when you develop your psychic senses through healing and/or similar therapeutic practice, you need to become conscious of strengthening and balancing your aura.

*     The simplest way to do this is by visualising that you are surrounded by a bubble of light. Experiment using different colours, blue, gold, white, purple or pink to see what effect they appear to have and which feels the most comfortable. Colours carry vibrational tones that link to archetypal energies. For example, gold links to the sun and is a very powerful and dynamic energy whilst blue reflects the gentleness of the 'Divine Feminine'. (see article Psychic Protection)

*     Over the years psychics have given different names to the various subtle bodies. These are:

  • The Etheric - which is perceived as an exact replica of the physical body but on an energy matrix level
  • The Astral Body - is that part of ourselves that contains our emotions and feelings.
  • The Mental Body - is the part of ourselves that contains the conscious and subconscious mind. It is also the seat of the "Little Ego"
  • The Intuitive Body - is the part that has connection with the intuitive and inspirational elements of ourselves.
  • The Soul or Spiritual Body - is the core part of our being. The part that connects at conception and leaves at death. It is the life force within us.

Part 1: The Principles of Healing
The Nature of Being
Part 3: Self Healing
Distant Healing
Balancing the Energies of Places

Adapted from the book:
The Healer Within

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