The cotswold Circle

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The Cotswold Landscape Circle
The Cotswold Landscape Circle
Fig. 1 Showing the Cotswold Landscape Circle
Site Grid Reference Description
Chipping Camden Church 1550 3947 Dedicated to St James. Rebuilt in 1500 CE
Rollright Stones 2963 3087 Bronze Age circle site circa 2500 BCE
Bleddington Church 2451 2255 Dedicated to St. Leonard built circa 1150 CE
Wyck Rissington Church 1918 2151 Dedicated to St. Lawrence built 12th century
Neolithic Settlement 1697 2196  
Round Barrow 1305 2456  
Salter's Pool 1295 2462 Drover's pool
Round Barrow 1290 2592  
Cutsdean Hill 1047 3031 recumbent stone at top of hill
Barrow Group 1043 3115  
Centre 1999 3101 No evidence of any monument at centre

The Salt Way
The above map also shows an ancient salt way known as Buckle Street, that runs along a section of the circle for distance of about 10 kilometres or 6.25 miles. It was this striking feature that first drew attention to the existence of the circle.

St James Church St Leonard's Church St Lawrence Church
St James church St. Leonards church St. Lawrence ch. Rollright stones Rollright stones

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The Keys to the Temple - book

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The location of the Cotswold Circle

Cotswold circle
Fig. 1 The plan of the Cotswold Circle whose centre lies close to Moreton-in- Marsh
(click image to enlarge)

Fig. 2 The position of the road Buckle Street which was also known as Salters' Way (shown in blue on the map)
(Click image to enlarge)

Fig 3. Alternative view of the circle in greyscale.(Click image to enlarge)/span>

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