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Sekeds and the Geometry of the
Egyptian Pyramids
article by David Furlong

A comparison between the angles generated by sekeds
and the angles of gradient of the pyramids

Part 3

 picture of The Great Pyramid of Egypt

Angles of Slope Based on Sekeds

The angles of slope generated by the different sekeds can be shown as follows:


Degree Angle

4.00 60.25
4.25 58.74
4.50 57.26
4.75 55.84
5.00 54.46
5.25 53.13
5.50 51.84
5.75 50.60
6.00 49.40
6.25 48.24
6.50 47.12
6.75 46.04
7.00 45.00
7.25 43.99
7.50 43.02

It has been assumed that only whole ratios would have been used in these calculations with the smallest unit being a digit. Practical building considerations would preclude the use of fractions of a digit although the answer to problem 56 RMP is given as a fraction.

From these tables it can be shown that the following sekeds were used more than once:

    5.5:       Maidum, Khufu, Nysuerre and Menkaure(b).

    5.25:     Khafre, Userkaf, Neferikare, Teti and Pepi II.

Pyramid of Maidum
The collapsed Pyramid of Maidum. Its angle of slope is the same as the Great Pyramid.
The pyramids of Abusir
The pyramids of Abusir - now in a bad state of repair, belonging to Sahure, Neferikare and Nysuerre
The Bent Pyramid
The Bent Pyramid showing the change in angle of slope. Built by king Seneferu

 The pyramid of Sahure is probably based on a seked of 5.75 although its state of ruin makes accurate assessment difficult. The angle of slope of the lower portion of the Bent pyramid is likely based on a seked of 5. However the upper portion does not easily fit either a seked of 7.25 or 7.5. The same can also be applied to the Northern Stone pyramid and possibly also to the pyramid of Menkaure. This raises questions on whether the seked was the basis of the calculation in all cases. Before looking in more detail at this anomaly something needs to be said about the relevance of the known sekeds in the construction of the pyramids.

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