David Furlong

David Furlong has been practising as a healer and therapist for more than thirty-five years and is the author of five books including, "The Healer Within", "The Keys to the Temple" and "Working with Earth Energies" published in 2003. He see clients for health rebalancing and also runs inner development courses in the UK and abroad..

David Furlong - Courses

The training programmes David Furlong runs include:

His recent series Finding Your Soul Purpose helps individuals answer the most important question "Why am I here?". This course is run over separate days and includes looking at opening the heart and facing the shadow aspects that hold us back from expressing our true spirituality.

These programmes are self-empowering helping participants access their enormous inner talents with which we are are gifted.

David Furlong - healing
In his therapeutic practice he deals with a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual problems seeing clients in Malvern, London and Helsinki. Using his own well established links to inner guidance he can clear difficult blocks to provide direction and clarity when individuals are confronted by intransigent problems. He also uses a sophisticated health screening device (MSA 21) for testing food sensitivity and health balances. For further details see:
David Furlong - Tours
An important part of inner development is learning to access the spiritual energies within nature and at specific sacred sites in Britain and abroad. To this end he takes groups to Egypt, America, Ireland as well as organising tours to some of the spiritual centres of the British Isles.

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