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Spirit Release Courses

Training in spirit release and moving towards becoming a Spirit Release Therapist now comes under the jurisdiction of the Spirit Release Forum.

The Spirit Release Forum runs a professional training programme, as well as promoting a number of background interest courses in related fields. These latter courses are run by the Forum's members.

The Introductory Training Course covers the following subjects :

  • Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release What are they?
  • Finding Your Inner Centre
  • The Nature of the Psyche
  • Psychic Protection
  • Demonstration and exercises in releasing Earth bound spirits
  • Range of Cases illustrating different aspects of spirit release
  • Consciousness and Psychiatric Disorders - Dissociative disorders, trance states, soul fragments, thought forms and so on
  • Attachment or Sub-Personality? Differentiating between earthbound spirits, sub-personalities and soul fragments

An eight day Professional Training PT1 is also available, which is run in two four day blocks. The dates for 2016 are April 6-9 and June 1-4.

Contact details for the Forum's professional training programme can be found at the following link:

Introductory Course Dates: Sat/Sun 13-14 February 2016
Fee: 179 (169 - Members of the Spirit Release Forum)
Venue: Regent's College, London .
Booking:.To book on this course please click here or enquire to:
The Secretary, Spirit Release Forum, Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2TH
Tel: +44(0) 1684 560725
Email: spiritrelease@dsl.pipex.com

For further information please write to: David Furlong Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern Worcs WR14 2THTel: +44 (0)1684-569105 or Mobile: + 44 (0)777-978-9047         
Email: David Furlong

David has been working as a healer, therapist and teacher for more than 40 years. He is the author of six books including The Healer Within and Working With Earth Energies
To contact David
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The definitive book on Working With Earth Energies.
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